In today’s edition of the Wilmington News Journal, there is an article I find not only disturbing. The headline
contradicts the article.
"University of Delaware works to benefit from Aberdeen expansion
Hundreds of jobs could be created as university partners with Army"

I encourage you to read the article and determine for yourself.
My first point of observation is found in the headline of this article:
Hundreds of jobs could be created as university partners with Army".
Delaware’s officials will secure only "hundreds of jobs" Most of which will be government jobs within Staffing
requirements that will be needed for the University of Delaware itself.
You will find this in paragraph six of the article:
The university stands to gain significant revenue from tuition by partnering on graduate programs for

Most of the projected jobs are for individuals seeking to obtain a Masters Degree. graduate-level classes on and
off the Aberdeen Proving Grounds base for Army employees.

Michael Lombardi is the director of outreach for the Research, Development and Engineering Command at
Aberdeen Proving Ground. Lombardi stated:
We would tell them what we want to work on and then we'd have students work on whatever kind of
technology or needs that we have ... and the good ones we would hire or maintain a relationship with,

This statement is interesting to learn, especially since Delaware Officials have a legal case in U.S. Federal Court
Against the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, where the State Attorney General's  office is defending its 10th
Amendment rights to prevent the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from dredging the Delaware Estuary.
Contradictory to Attorney General Beau Bidens Claim to defend the states Sovereignty Rights.

Also in the Article published
The Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor estimates BRAC will create 8,200 new positions at Aberdeen.
These are jobs that will go to Maryland.  Benefiting the State of Maryland. With more tax revenue going towards
the state of Maryland, and leaving Delaware with minimal revenue to pay for state funding programs. Such as
Education, Highway Maintenance. Upgrade requirements and equipment maitenance. Paying back the Federal
Government for the Stimulus loans State officials accepted this year to save or create jobs in Delaware.  

When comparing the proposal that is benefiting the University of Delaware and a couple hundred jobs coming to
Delaware compared to the Project to Dredge the Delaware Estuary- benefiting the private sector, with a projected
growth of an additional 10-20,000 jobs in the Mid Atlantic Region (DE,PA, NJ, and MD).  
Delaware Officials have lost the true direction for the government. A Constitutional theory promoting "
government... reduced to a very simple organization, and a very unexpensive one; a few plain
duties to be performed by a few servants
" (-Thomas Jefferson), combined with the private sector
businesses to have opportunities to grow. Allowing larger vessels to have access to all the  Port Authorities in the
Delaware Estuary would generate an increase in job opportunities in the private sector. Far greater in number,
and most likely reducing the Current 8.7% Unemployment  rate more rapidly then what is  proposed with the
University of Delaware’s partnership with a project that will be added to the Governments Annual Budget at the
Taxpayers expense for decades.  

Delaware’s private sector jobs are largely dependant on the Port of Wilmington and its board of of Directors ability
to be completive with other ports in other regions across  the US.

Members of the State of Pennsylvania's Democrat party have supported the dredging project, seeing the potential
of making the region more competitive.  Union leaders as well have been supportive of this project.
Although, these leaders have been fighting with fellow democrat party members  from Delaware who oppose to  
the Dredging project. Which would ultimately provide more opportunities for jobs in the entire Mid Atlantic Region.
Including Delaware.

The Dredging project would also Increase the states revenue giving a more feasible means for the state to be
capable of maintaining a Fiscally balanced budget, without the burden on the taxpayers of tax increases. Funding
that would be used for vital programs such as; education, highway maintenance. As well as providing for
opportunities to provide funding for many needed law enforcement programs.

If Board Members of the Port of Wilmington, appointed by former Gov. Ruth Ann Miner, and  later re-appointed by
the current Governor, Jack Markell were more competitive, the Unemployment rate in Delaware would not have
reached 8.7%  and expected to increase further

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Hundreds compared to Tens of Thousands of private sector Jobs. A No Brainer
By Earl Lofland
"Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error."


- Dr. Benjamin Rush,
Pennsylvania (1745-1813) Signer of the Declaration of Indpendence.