By Earl Lofland
Millions of Americans have been faced with going to the dentist to have their dentures repaired. Many people have
been led to think having a set of dentures will give them confidence. It somehow- Mysteriously transforms them into
someone they were not before putting in these magnificent cover-ups of the real person. Don't get me wrong. I am
one of the millions who subscribed to this group I will call the "In Dentures We Trust" Club.

I have had dentures made myself, and wore them for years. I was faced with not being able to afford them. I found
often times there would be people who would judge me for my smile. As if I was a safer driver when I had my dentures
in. Or, I could stop an oncoming train from running over a baby carriage, left abandoned on the railroad tracks ahead.
(Ok, so maybe I am being a bit melodramatic)

I have listened to the Hollywood style speeches from politicians for years. With their lovely pearly white entures smiling
and shaking hands. And then within 6 months of their term in office they were using their beautiful white dentures to
chew away at the Constitution, passing laws that would make Karl Marx shudder in fear, how radical they worked the
dastardly deeds of deception.

This past election Americans were given the quaint catchy phrases with false smiles hand shakes and bows of Hope
and Change. It turned out to be false and misleading hope and the change.

Well, Americans, How do you like the change? The same political path only going with the glimmer and bright lights of
a Hollywood marketed theme . Like those False Teeth everyone is putting confidence in being able to change the
person who is wearing them.

They look good when they are wearing those thousand dollar dentures, And they may even be able to eat an apple a
little better. However, there are child molesters, Murders and even some of the most virtuous people who are
members of the In Dentures We Trust Club. Do these cosmetic alterations affect who these people have become? Or,
does false teeth make others at risk of being deceived by the person wearing them?

I often times have went out in public before I announced running for U.S. Representative meeting people, often times
not wearing my dentures. And, sometimes I decide to wear them. Not because I want to make a physical impression.
Instead, wanting people to see me as the real person I am. I struggle through life just like everyone else. I have ideas
and thoughts with the boldness to go out and accomplish these Ideas.

Remember Clark Kent and Superman? He would rush into the nearest phone booth to change into his Superman
costume. He still had those super powers with or without that suit. He just gave a false impression of being an ordinary
person a mild mannered reporter when he was still able to stop a bullet, and was still faster than a speeding train
even with his suit and tie on. Now, am I suggesting I am Superman? Not hardly. What I am saying though is false teeth
and false hopes are not part of my platform politics are also not part of my platform.

And I will boldly say to others, if you want a beautiful smile and that all American look with the same direction we have
had career politicians taking our country? There are people you can seek who fit that costume very well.

I have a head full of grey hair as well. And I was also a member of the In Dye We Trust" Club at one time. There are a
lot of politicians who have been a member of this club. And decided to color their hair and it is so conspicuous they
look like the Clay-mation figures that I used to watch on Saturday mornings. or Max Headroom.

If you want someone to get the job done it is usually someone who has rolled their sleeves up and picked up a shovel.
or Got in the ditch in grub and slime and worked side by side with others.

Career politicians have not had that pleasure. To bleed, sweat and be calloused from a hard work week. Hot mopping
a roof when the temperatures were 100 degrees outside and the roof was 115 degrees,wearing a Hazardous Material
suit making it feel like it was 150 Degrees.
Taken In 2008 When I was a member
of the In Dye We Trust Club.
I donated my pony tail to Lochs of Love
All 18 inches