Republicans aide said a print-out of the bill weighs more than 19 pounds and stands nearly nine inches tall.

Republican Rep. Joe Barton, who is Texan, said the bill is “about four reams of paper” that will results  with
the American public “getting reamed.”
Democrats  such as Rep Steve Rothman (NJ)  state “It’s almost a complete certainty that we have already
discussed and debated almost every element that’s in this bill,”  suggesting the essence of the bill isn’t
much different from the three sister bills they moved through committees this summer, which came in
around 1,000 pages. Nearly 1,000 additional pages then what had been debated.

At 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. With an estimated 10-year cost of $894 billion, that equates to
roughly $2.24 million per word. With five times as many words as the Torah (which takes a year to read-
reading one section a week) and has more pages then War and Peace.

This reminds me of something straight out of history 1788 June 5th
Patrick Henry was speaking at the Virginia ratifying convention Patrick Henry
Against the Federal Constitution

"Take longer time in reckoning things; revolutions like this have happened in almost every country
in Europe; similar examples are to be found in ancient Greece and ancient Rome