SHHH Be Vewy Qwuat. We Are Hunting RWINO’s (and wild asses too)
By Earl Lofland

Currently the US National Debt is at $12,000,000,000,000 (Twelve Trillion Dollars) That is how much the United States
has borrowed, and how much the tax payer will have to pay interest on.
Currently after you add on the Interest the US Total Debt stands at about  $60.000,000,000,000 (That is 60 Trillion
Dollars) Meaning, each American owes $177,000.00
The debt ceiling was recently increased to a whopping $14.3 Trillion Dollars.

On Jan 28, 2010 the New York Times reported that Democrats Unanimously passed this Senate Bill 60 to 40.
Both Senators from Delaware decided to vote in favor of politics The government spent a record $1.4 trillion more than it
collected in the past fiscal year, Obama has proposed a three-year freeze on domestic spending. However this freeze is
only that there will not be any additional items that will be added to the already out of control spending budget Congress
has been doing for the last 10 years.
Today in the Washington Times Robert Gibbs announced that President Obama’s push to create jobs may carry a price
tag in near $100 billion dollars , twenty five billion over the estimated 75 billion the Congressional Budget Office
estimated earlier this week the CBO is an Independent agency.
During the last three Administrations, member in Congress have not only continued failing to reduce the country’s debt.  
Each Congress, changing majority leadership continues to increase the size of government in almost warp speed.
Kleptocrat styled Pork spending, leading us closer to being destroyed. Without a single gunshot fired, by members in
both the Democrat, and Republican Party.

This Week America Heard Mr Obama give his first State of the Union Speech before both body’s of Congress. In his
statements he continued to show a distance in accepting the facts the current problems of a worsening economy is
partly to blame to the agendas that he and members in the previous Congress done. As well as actions that he has
been in charge of doing under the current Congress and his Administration.  This has caused a “Sleeping Giant” of
Independent voters to awaken. It has also caused members of the Democrat party and members of the Republican party
to begin seeing the problem is in the two party system and thinking very seriously about options of voting for others who
have no prior political background. And third party candidates who are more in line with the conservative values, the
majority of American voters have.

This has created both parties to begin thinking of ways to regain the trust of those who for the last several years have
been leaving in vast numbers from the Democrat and Republican Party.
According to the Washington Times, A resolution has been introduced by the leaders of the Republican National
Committee In an aggressive move, unanimously calling on chairman, Michael S. Steele of the RNC, to "carefully screen"
candidates for their adherence to conservative values before granting them RNC financial help.
What they are wanting is review of the voting records and statements of all GOP candidates for evidence that they
support the "core principles and positions” that is supposed to be regarded as Conservative. The problems that can be
seen in this, many of the modern day Republicans are what I will call these individuals Practical Republicans or Practical
Conservatives. (DYNO RINO’s) if you were to look at the voting records based upon Gun Rights and the fundamental
values and principles of the authors of the Constitution you would find that as many as 90% of the members of the RNC
both in Federal office as well as  local and state office would fit the title of a Practical Conservative.

Exactly what do I mean by a “Practical Conservative” or “Practical Republican”?

This is a person who claims they are a conservative, however they vote more in favor of liberal ideology instead of
voting, interpreting the Constitution as the authors originally intended. In order to understand the experiment men like
Author Middleton, Benjamin Franklin, Elbridge Gerry, John Witherspoon. George Clymer, Caesar Rodney, Samuel
Adams, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Harrison and others who not only signed Ratified the Constitution also signed the
Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.
However voter disinterest in their party is not only a problem the RNC recognizes. The DNC for years has depended on
the gaining the Independent voter for elections.
This weekend during a Republican “Issues Retreat” House Republican leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) said Republicans
want to work with the White House. "We also need to listen to each other," he said, in welcoming the president to a
Republican "issues retreat" Barack Obama, was invited to attend this meeting and urged republicans to work with the
White House to overcome "partisan gridlock" and promote job growth, lower the deficit and expand access to health
care. "I am ready and eager to work with anyone," he said.
What should be realized with this is evidence the Constitution is not being recognized as the basis for the laws being
considered, or passed. Expansion of Healthcare will result in an expansion of government, giving government more
unlimited powers as is done with Kleptocratic forms of government.

There is significant evidence that both members of both the republican and democrat party have divulged in Kleptocratic
government practices that has evolved over the years.  During some conversations with the Republicans and,  Mr.
Obama blamed  some Republican lawmakers in the audience,  accusing them of attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies for
projects in their districts funded by the 2009 stimulus package they voted against. This is part of the problems with
politics. If you are against something you should not accept the anything that is included in the bill you oppose.  
The Media seems to also be out of touch with the American voter as well Where they  point to voters being angry about
partisanship and “legislative logjams”. They too, misinterpret the American voters, who are outraged about both sides
being “eager to demonstrate readiness to cooperate” (better known as Politics as usual).  American voters demand the
country’s leaders to specifically cooperate in following moral values, based on what the country was originally
established upon. Interpreting the Constitution as its authors originally intended. Instead of bipartisan spread the wealth
programs, pork barrel spending, socialized healthcare programs, and big government, that reduces the rights and
liberties of the American citizen. Instead these members on congress should be looking at ways of reducing Illegal
immigration. Elimination of energy and financial dependence, and not practicing in socialized business and government
intervention in the banking and private sector.
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