Indolence of the people will always result in bigger government
Earl R. Lofland
AMERICA: WE HAVE A PROBLEM.  To Much Government Intervention.

By Earl Lofland

I will share with you a real life example, what America is supposed to be like. On Feb 5 2010 Delawareans were hit
with nearly 30 inches of snowfal that caused the state to declare a state of emergency.

The Neighborhood where I live is outside town limits. I live between two towns.

Clayton's town limit is the road that butts up to the West end of my property. (see tree line directly in front, this is
Clayton Town Limits).

       Looking West  Photo taken Feb 5, 2010                              Feb 6th 2010                                                             

The town of Clayton road lead to the waste water station.
Smyrna Town limit is at the other end of my lane about 1,000 feet away the Smyrna High School.

 Looking East  Photo Taken Feb 5 2010 9:30 PM EST                                   Feb 6 2010                                            

Neither of the towns  Clayton or Smyrna  plowed us out. We are in Kent County, and they did not come and plow us
out either.

We, the people of my neighborhood done this ourselves. We even plowed the Town of Clayton's Road as well.that
leads to the Towns waste Water Facility. (Not our job we not on town water or sewage)

It gives us two ways in and out of this privately owned neighborhood.
Feb 7 2010 Looking West                                                                    Feb 7th Looking East

We have fought to keep from being annexed into the Town of Clayton's Jurisdiction several times.

We have no interest to be in Clayton's Jurisdiction, or in Smyrna's town limits!

For the most part we don't have town taxes, We don't have town police, we have the 2nd Amendment! and we police
our own area! Neighbors have watchful eyes on each other here! our Children as well as are under the watchful eyes
of others.

We are in County jurisdiction and that is it. We didn't get stimulus money to bail the snow out out of this blizzard.

That is how it is supposed to be.
Limited Government.

When people are left to do the work for themselves and the Government stays out of the affairs of its people things
actually get done!

           Taken Feb 6, 2010                                                                    Taken Feb 7, 2010

However, that is not how it is. Nor has it been for over 100 years!
We have programs like Welfare and Section 8. We have food stamps and a vast number of international agency's
that are have no constitutional standing according to the authors of that document.
We have Corporate handouts and the Government putting stipulations on the statess.

We have officials in offices; local, county state and federal, who refuse to interpret the Constitutions (state and US)
as its authors intended.

This must  be reversed!

And the only way is to start making sure there are people who have historical correctness and not political
Here is an example the Confederate Flag. Should it be removed from state buildings? And explain why or why not?
It is the States Right and not the Federal governments to decide for one. it is more importantly that the people have
that right to choose and it should be recognized as a historical factor. Yet it is not. And that is because of how people
have been educated in the Federal Subsidized School Systems.

The States rights have been nullified (Tenth Amendment) through the 14th Amendmenet being ratified according to
some constitutional law scholars. When the War between the States was won by the Union. This is taught in the
Federal Subsidized School system, the War was to free slaves (another false perception that federal subsidized
education has brought to America)
Why was slavery still legal and active (Of all races in the Union)  two years after the Civil War Began?

The only way to reverse this destructive pattern in our country, and the independent states, is to begin seeking
people who will run for office, local, county, state, and in Washington DC who vow their lives, their fortunes and on
their Honor, (true Honor is earned not given to, or by anyone) To do this task- Reversing the direction that our
country has taken for 100 years.

It is the states right not the US governments demand who should direct what children should be taught in School, It is
the Parents Right and Duty to ensure the US Government does not overstep its bounds within the Constituton.

The Federal government involvment in the states affairs are very specific, to maintain the Interstate roads as well as
They have no entitlement to federal lands except for building Military bases. And maintaining the abilty for the free
flow of commerce in the intra costal waterways. (Estuarian waterways)

There is  supposed to be limited Federal Forces.  And they are only to be called upon for National Emergency's. The
Militia is to be mustered by  the states  and it is theirs and the peoples rights and duty to maintain a militia.
These Militias were actuallly intended as private individuals policing their districts themselves.

As we do in our private Neighborhood.

Today we have the National Guard and  the US Military conducting police keeping actions in the US and All over the
world. a direct violation of the Constitution.
They are called upon by NATO and the UN. and men are fighting and dieing for the Globalized governments Causes
and not the protection of our United States Borders.

No wars are to be declared except by Congress. And americas military has done Police keeping missions since 1947
when the National Security Act was signed into Law. Also bringing America the CIA, nothing more than America's
version of the Nazi Gestapo according to Harry Truman. Before that all intelligence was gathered by the Dept of Army
and Dept of Navy. We need to return to this same fundamental principle!

These measures many officials allow to take place today and have been allowing are clear signs they are not
interpreting the Constitutions correctly! As its Authors originally intended.

Churches are to provide for the care of the orphans the widows these who are less fortunate here in the US
Not Tax dollars being demanded as would a kleptocratic government.  And we have officials with a coporate global
agenda  based around the 16th Amendment.

America began going broke in 1919 when Woodrow Wilson Signed the Federal Reserve Act

Our country went broke in 1929 and FDR further allowed the destruction of the country with the New Deal Agendas.
Do you think Obama is the first to do what he is doing?

We have seen this destructive pattern building momentum since 1909,  Now we have Government intervention
Bailing out Banks ( remember the S&L crisis in the 1970's? Do you recall Pennsylvania Railroad being bailed out in
the 70's? Or, Chyrsler?)  GM and the TARP for Banks in 2009 was not the first time. And other private sector
operations through government intervention has been  gradually taking away the basic, moral principles, and values
that were entitled to, and was expected by individuals. In order to preserve the experiment of 1776

Allowing the private market to have an opportunity to succeed or fail.

Welfare states only create indolence, dependency, and complacancy.

Many in office are feeding each person hand to mouth, inorder to steer this country into becoming this way. A
Socialized entity. Resulting in the destruction of the experiment that was established in July of 1776.

Do you think we should have the Patriot Act?

If so then you are interested in continual steps towards what brought us to where we are today.

What should be considered are the historical facts .
Government has been passing laws that should never even be considered and should be revoked!
Just as in 1942 with the USSC Decision in the  Filburn case, 317 US 111 (1942)  Everything Congress passes is
under being give carte Blance rubber stamp approval under the Interstate Commerce Claus, Or  argued that it is
within the scope of the 30 powers that government has in Article I section 8 and the rest of the Constitution.

For example; Amendment 18. Is it a God given right to choose whether to drink alcohol?
Or should the Government decide for you it is your right not to consume alcohol?

Apparently it is not a Right to be forced from Consumbing alchol, because Amendment 21 was ratified. And now
americans have those two amendments in the Constitution, never intended to be included as beubg  your rights and
the states rights.

Something else to consider. There is talk of adding an another amendment (28) that will be involving term limits for
elected officials in office.

My Questions.

Is it the governments duty to decide who you should vote for? And How many times? Or is it Your God Given Right to

The Bill of rights are rights given to you by God. And that was the reason for the Amendments to be added. Nothing
more! God Given rights entitled to the people that Government can not take way!

Because of  a decay in Morals  and values in Officials, When an individual runs for office for 30 years, was this
originally intended?.

It is a Duty they should step down Without any doubt.

However, It is the voters duty as well to put the candidates coal to the flame and preserve their voting right entitled to  
adult American Citizens. Again, government Intervention in things it has no business meddling in.

By deciding not to vote for the same person over and over for decades. And deciding to vote for someone new
prevents officials in office for decades, preventing being a part of vetting  corruption.

So, who has the right to select who you vote for?  You? or the Government?

Who gives you your rights? the Constitution? or Creator of All things that was even before time?

The Constitution can only be interpreted by men and women with morals and virtue.It doesn't take a constitutional
lawyer. The Constitution was written so even the common lay person could understand and interpret what its
interpretation was. And be the vanguard for the great experiment. These United States (plural) of America.

Earl Lofland For Congress 2010 (Delaware)

"If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of
sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honor of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the
commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we
may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation."
-Samuel Adams

"A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole
force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their
virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader." - Samuel Adams

"If Virtue & Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav'd. This will be their great Security."
-Samuel Adams

"In the supposed state of nature, all men are equally bound by the laws of nature, or to speak more properly, the
laws of the Creator."
-Samuel Adams

"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to
please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in
human society for which he is accountable to God and his country."
-Samuel Adams