The Gray Horse Standing Still.

What you are about to read, I am sure will be twisted and spun in ways that it is not intended.
This is not a Democrat issue
This is not a Racial issue
This is not a Republican Issue.
However, this is a Constitutional issue. And it is time for American Citizens to start being  Historically Correct
and stop being Politically Correct
February 18, 2010

By Earl Lofland
I gave a presentation at the Milton Fire Hall on February 18, 2010went exceptionally well.

The night before, I Spoke at Bowers Beach Fire Hall, before a crowd of about 100 Delawareans.
My Attire was Blue jeans, and tee Shirt with American Flag Suspenders, Wearing my Leather Motorcycle
Vest and Leather Flight Jacket.
The attire alone drew attention as many knew I was a candidate and was not dressed like a candidate would
normally dress. In a Suit and Tie.

One who attended was the Former President of the NRA John Sigler. Esq.

During intermission, I left the building and when I was announced to come to the podium. a recording was
played. (The sound byte was from this video.)


I walked to the Podium with Duct Tape over my mouth- Symbolism the voice of Delawareans has been
quieted unless Delaware Constitution Party obtains 600 members between now and Aug 24th. A man walked
to the podium and removed the tape and said

You have a constitutional right to speak- Speak!"
The evening consisited of nothng but a questions and Answers Session I only introduced myself

The Following evening I gave another presentation for the Sussex Country Charter members of the same
organization. some of the organizers for both meetings asked if I was doing the Duct tape skit again.

I want to make a statement that embeds in the listeners mind. and not a memorized speach. I dedicated
myself to be open to everyone. Leaving myself vulnerable to any ridicule. And Debate my values and morals

After Intermission  I was called up to speak before the Sussex County DE Pats.
I had the first one minute segment of an old Lynyrd  Skynrd song played. As I walked to the podium, giving
me ample time to set up my notes, say a quick prayer and compose myslef.

I wore a Gray three piece suit (photo attached.)

          Photo taken at the Bible study table in my home.

This song played while I walked to the podium and gave me enough time to say a prayer and
layout my notes. ( This video is about the cause of  Mr. H.K. Edgerton, former President of the
NAACP Ashville County NC. from NC to Austin TX and then to Washington DC.)

I also took an American flag that flew over my home until Sept 12 2001.

The speech opened with me holding up the flag and saying . "This is my flag. There are many like
it. but this one is mine. Sept 11 2001 this flag was flying over my house. The following day, When I
walked outside to smoke a cigarette I looked on my car and there was sediment and ash all over
it. I looked up at the flag over my house and it was dirty with the same sediment. I took it down,
folded it up and retired it. I placed it in my car and there it stayed until tonight. It tattered and
worn But this flag is mine. God Bless America!"

At that time I set the flag down and began to discuss HB 245 (Delaware House Bill signed into law
by Delaware's Democrat Governor Jack Markell), and the impact that it could have for 300
Delaware Citizens. I asked how many people knew the definition of the word Sedition About 5
people out of 70 or so attendees raised their hand. I pulled out my notes and read the following

Sedition is a term of law which refers to overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is
deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order.
Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (Rebellion, or
resistance) to lawful authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct
and open violence against the laws.

I explained to the attendees that I swore an oath 30 years ago to support and defend the
Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It was to defend the Republican party or
Democrat party or Independent Party or any man it was to support and defend the Constitution.
And Justice Scalia recently stated something I pinned as my motto, Because I agree with what he
The Constitution should be interpreted as its authors intended. And we know what the founding
fathers intended by reading the Federalist papers and other writings that we can find in library's
and congressional records on their speeches and in their books.

If the politicians of Delaware are attempting to list me as a seditionist because I speak my mind.
And base it on the interpretation of the Constitution.
Well. Many people have shed their blood and lost their lives in support and defense of this book
(raising up the Constitution.) Do what they want. I stand my ground! And if alone. Well, so be it.

Thomas Jefferson faced this and this brought the Kentucky Virginia Resolutions signed by
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
James Madison and the founding fathers were opposed to a party system and warned of this in
the Federalist Paper 10. Where a portion of it reads

“Complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and virtuous citizens, equally the
friends of public and private faith, and of public and personal liberty, that our governments are
unstable, that the public good is disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties, and that measures
are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but
the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority." - James Madison Federalist Paper
10 November 23, 1787

After about a 5 minutes I opened the floor to questions that lasted for about 30 minutes or so.
Discussing topics ranging from my views on State Sovereignty, to my platform Illegal immigration
MS 13 Bill Cully was there from WGMD who asked to know more about how HB 245 was able to
pass under the radar. I took 300 copies of Federal Election Voter Registration forms and
discussed this was done just as he said covertly. and It attacks only 3 of the 7 minor parties in
Delaware and I take it as an open attack by the Major party in Delaware against the Constitution
Party and my campaign.

I informed the attendees they could mail it to the State of Delaware Dept of Elections or if they
like mail it to the address on the back of my brochure I would be happy to take them a stake
about 8 inches thick and say this is what Earl Jacques just did to the people of Delaware.

After the speech everyone came to the table to obtain forms

This morning Patti received a call from the Delaware State news a reporter by the name of Logan
who read my web site and the HB 245 issue and wanted to speak to me.

I called and put the phone on speaker so Patti could hear our conversation. The interview lasted
about 5 minutes where we talked about how this new law violates the Due process of the minor
parties. Especially the Constitution Party.

I then invited him to the March 3rd Sussex County Campaign for Liberty Meeting Lewes, DE,
where I am to speak He thanked me, and assured me he would check it out.

I also referred Logan to the State Chairman Pell Sherman for any additional questions he may
have on HB 245

Earl Lofland

Below is more about Mr. HK. Edgerton Time to be Historically Correct and not Politically correct.