I was asked to write something about the Constitution Party.  I decided maybe I should explain the
reasons that drew me to join a VERY MINOR PARTY of just 300 members in Delaware.

(Some would think I would be out of my mind )

So here is the Readers Digest Version:

I was looking at presidential candidates who best fit my ideals virtue and constitutional morals.
George Bush never did!

I heard about Chuck Baldwin through Ron Paul's Campaign. I looked at the constitution party
platform, and decided the party was not about being a party member and party agendas. It was
about the Oath. Supporting and defending the Constitutions and interpreting them (US and
States) as the original authors intended.

That's the Readers Digest version.

It is not me to be short winded though, so....There is more if you want to know.

I used to be a Democrat for years. Then I switched to become an Independent. I realized the
Democrat party was not taking the country down the same path the authors of the Declaration of
Independence, and Constitutions intended for these united States.

A couple years ago the movie "300" became a huge hit. The story of the Battle of Thermopylae  
and the Persian King Xerxes who fought against the 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas

The Constitution Party in Delaware has a current membership list of 300 members. and has been
removed from ballot access in the State of Delaware by a law signed by Democrat Governor Jack
Markell. and voted for by the majority Democrat members in the States House and Senate.

Ever wonder why?

1st Red Flag

Why does Republicans always rant about getting Conservatives back in the Republican Party?

2nd Red Flag

3rd party voters are always accused  as being nothing more than a vote for the other party? (By
the way the Democrats say the same thing about minor parties too)

3rd Red Flag

Why didn't any of the members in the Republican Party voice  opposition against the Delaware
Democrats for violating rules for how laws are passed in Delaware on this issue?

4th Red Flag

Colin Bonini stated he was called to another hearing and was unable to debate HB 245.

5th Red Flag

What about the remaining Republicans who are in the States Senate?

What is wrong with that picture?

6th Red Flag

Why was this recent decision, to introduce such a bill in the State? even though it has been found
unconstitutional in other states?

7th Red Flag

With a majority of members in the State of Delaware's Legislature and Governor being Democrat,
what would cause these law makers to do such act against a party whose number of members are
but 300 voters?

One Word;


While 300 voters were part of an organized political party having ballot access rights there was
little threat of being accused of sedition.

Now unless we gain the required number of voters for the Constitution party the 300 are now
labeled as seditionists. Anti Government. Anti American. Domestic Terrorists.

Why would a huge political party like the Democrat Party in Delaware, that holds a majority of
seats in the States government attack such a small group? that would not pose a threat to any
election with only 300 members?

I have often quoted from FDR; "An election has no clear direction when two or more parties are
the same as "Two peas in the same pod"

Well Think for a moment on that....

Think it is just the Democrat party?

Think again.

To understand the inner workings of our country's problems, you have to look at how the
Republican Party was first created.

This was a party that was                 from the start.

To prove this, Let's go back to Europe 1848.

                                                    Barricade on the rue Soufflot
                                                     Horace Vernet Vernet. (1848)
                                              The Panthéon is shown in the background.

Communists rose in revolution across Europe,  A document, entitled Manifesto of the Communist
Party, authored by Karl Marx was what started this movement.

Revolutions of 1848 - failed. The perpetrators escaped, just ahead of the police. They come to  
united States. In 1856, the Republican Party ran its first candidate for President. By that time,
these Communists from Europe had thoroughly infiltrated this country, especially the North. There
were later many who became high ranking officers in the Union Army and top government officials.

For instance,

August Willich was a member of the London Communist League with Karl Marx and Friedrich
Engels. , Willich was a major general in the Union Army.

Major Robert Rosa of the 45th NY Inf. belonged to the New York Communist Club.  

Brigadier general
Louis Blenker of New York was a “convinced Marxist.” His division looted people
in Virginia, inspiring the term “Blenkered.”

There are other "Forty-Eighters" who where high ranking Union commanders

Friedrich Salomon, 9th Wisconsin

Fritz Anneke, 34th Wisconsin

Colonel Konrad Krez, 27th Wisconsin.

Communist journalist
Karl Heinzen wrote: “If you have to blow up half a continent and cause a
bloodbath to destroy the party of barbarism, you should have no scruples of conscience. Anyone
who would not joyously sacrifice his life for the satisfaction of exterminating a million barbarians is
not a true republican.” Heinzen came to this country and supported Lincoln.

The GOP Convention of 1860 was held in Chicago, a hot spot for German Communism.  Red
delegates included
Johann Bernhard Stallo and Frederick Hassaurek from Ohio and close friend of Karl Marx
Heinrich Bornstein from Missouri.

So who was Karl Marx? John F. Kennedy warned Americans in his Secret Society Speech that if
the New York Tribune had afforded a raise of 5.00 a week to him the world may never have been
faced with what later happened.

Marx fled to England after the Failed Revolution of 1849. He is buried their. He became the
European correspondent for socialist
Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. NYT Charles Dana was
the a Communist. Dana hired Marx as a foreign correspondent. Marx wrote often of his kinship
with the new Republican Party.

Dana was also the  Assistant Secretary of War in the Lincoln administration and the Secretary of
War Edwin Stanton  assigned Dana as special investigating agent of the War Department

All these people were in place when our first Communist President was elected on the Republican
ticket in 1860

A crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to
cause its overthrow or destruction. Because it is limited to organizing and encouraging opposition
to government rather than directly participating in its overthrow, sedition is regarded as falling one
step short of the more serious crime of treason. In the U.S. the display of a certain flag or the
advocacy of a particular movement, such as syndicalism, anarchism, or communism, has
periodically been declared seditious. More recently, the courts have applied a more stringent test
of sedition to ensure that constitutional guarantees regarding freedom of speech are not abridged.

"Complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and virtuous citizens, equally the
friends of public and private faith, and of public and personal liberty, that our governments are too
unstable, that the public good is disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties, and that measures
are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by
the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority." -
James Madison Federalist Paper
10 November 23, 178
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