Today, Mr Obama took yet another trip on the taxpayers dollar to campaign, returning back to the state that
jump-started his White House bid.  Iowa Iowa voters are wary  and hopes to maintain voters confidence in the
Democrat party in the fall elections:
The economic recovery hasn't reached everyone, but progress is being made.

Though he's not on the ballot this year, his party's control of Congress is at stake, along with dozens of
governors' seats and state legislatures positions.
Resounding with the same rhetoric of inheriting a problem Obama told voters "times are still tough in towns like
Fort Madison. And times are still tough for middle-class Americans, who had been swimming against the current
for years before the economic tidal wave hit." What is being neglected to be discussed is the facts that all roads
of this problem lead to Congess. Where he was first seated. and where he was supposed to be voting on issues
that would correct the problem. Not to be elected for the seat only to jet set across the world and be a part of the
albatros that brought this country to what it has.
Back in 1994 the 103rd Congress which the  Senate Majority was the Democratic Party
House Majority was the Democratic Party decided to vote for the Reigal Neal Act which overturned the Bank
Holding Company Act of 1956

The latest economic forecasts do not show any signs of a recoverty: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment Situation Report published April 2, 2010 the unemployment rate in the private sector has not seen a
reduction  The only added jobs that were reported are temporary jobs that have been created by the Census
The reasons for jobless benefits declining is in part based upon many of those unemployed being transitioned
from one catagory of unemployed to another which is not part of the figures that are mentioned in the reports
U-3 is the official number used which is at 9.7%
Yet the Total number of people unemployed  would be classified as the U-6 this number is at 16.9 percent in
march and increased by .1 percent from the moth of Feb. to March of 2010..

The unemployment rate, perhaps the most recognizable economic indicator, has held steady at 9.7 percent for
three months, and 15 million Americans remain out of work. By the White House's own estimates, as well as
those of many independent economists, that rate isn't expected to fluctuate more than a few tenths of a
percentage point through the end of 2010.

The president's home state of Illinois, where he'll travel Wednesday, has one of the nation's highest
unemployment rates, 11.5 percent. this is the U-3 catagory the U-6 is 19% or higher.
April 27, 2010
Earl Lofland
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Delaware has been on a constant incline of unemployment since 2008 The current numbers U-3
Numbers are standing at 9.2% however the U-6 numbers are near 15% or higher.