Revise the Reasoning To ReverseThe Rise In Job Loses
The Four R's of Economics

85,000 net jobs in December were lost due to a  lack of confidence in the economic recovery.

In December the unemployment rate held at 10 percent. However, the rate would have been much higher if more
people had been looking for work instead of leaving the labor force because they can't find jobs. Also, once people
stop looking for jobs, they're no longer counted among the unemployed. This has resulted in the misunderstanding the
figure of 10 Percent Unemployment rates nationally as a hopeful sign the economy is reversing.
Whenever workers become discouraged, and part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs are included in the
"underemployment" rate The December figures rose to 17.3 percent, from 17.2 percent in November. The highest on
records dating from 1994 was 17.4 percent in October of 2009, .
one economist from Credit Suisse, Jonathan Basile stated, "One word sums it up: Disappointment," ..."that tells me that
Main Street doesn't believe there's a recovery yet, because they're not out looking for jobs yet."

UPS said Friday it will cut 1,800 jobs. And defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. said this week it's cutting 1,200

With jobs remaining scarce, consumer confidence and spending will continue to drop drastically. causing further proof
the strategies of Mr. Bush's and Mr Obamas Stimulus Plans enacted by  their Congress for economic recovery has
continued to fail- Dating as far back as 2001..
Many analysts estimate the economy grew by 4 percent or more at an annual rate in the October-December quarter,
after 2.2 percent growth in the third quarter.

Although the economy will need to grow at a much faster rate than it did in those months inorder to reverse the Rising  
unemployment rate. Economists worry that much of the recovery are based on temporary factors, such as government
stimulus efforts and bigger  government and businesses that rebuilt inventories

The December report on Unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics will be published on
Jan.22,2010. The figures mentioned are based upon Last months BLS Reports.

In these reports, it portrays how this has affected nationally, And it is important to review how all this has impacted

As of Last months reports Delaware unemployment numbers for new and current filers has been listed at 8.5 percent.
Again this is not taking into account those who are either part time workers looking for full time work and  discouraged
workers. Whenever workers become discouraged, and part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs are included in the
"underemployment" rate the actual December figure is as high as 16 percent.
When you break down the numbers by City and County it shows a very damaging pattern.
The Highest level of unemployment according to Decembers report was in Wilmington at  12.1 percent for new or
current unemployment filers  By including discouraged workers and part time workers seeking full time work are as
high as 19 percent.

The County with the highest number of umemployment is Sussex County at 8.5 percent . Delaware's Capital was
reported to be 8.4 percent these numbers added with the part time workers seeking full time work discouraged workers
no longer on Unemployement are as much as 16 percent. With a state as small as Delaware this is a huge impact on
the economic recovery of the state.
All these numbers havre been on a steady incline since 2001 and spiked drastically since 2007

Americans need to elect individuals in office who will support returning back to the Gold and Silver standard, according
to the consitution and who our country's moneytary system is supposed to be established.

It is importatant that elected officials address the problems of an out of control government -
Reversing huge government spending agendas, combined with a strategy that reverses the overburdened taxpayers,
in ways that benefit the people in having more money in their paychecks, combined with strategies to reverse
businesses from outsourcing work to other countries would allow America to  become self suffficient in its providing for
its own natural resources and Energy needs
And reverse increased unemployment as well as provide a means for the infrastructure of the nations small business
owners to have greater opportunities to provide economic stimulus for the country. Instead of relying on gargantuan
sized governemtn programs that only destroy the United States..

This is part of what I would propose when in office. As well as partner with others who also support such ideas.