May each of you have a wonderful July 4th.  234 Years ago men were discussing what we are
to reflect on this weekend. Not whether the grill is clean, or whether there will be a parade,
or how big the fireworks will be. But the importance of our liberties. And  what extent you
and every American would go to preserve those God Given Rights we all have a duty to

James Madison once said:
"The Happy Union of these States is a wonder; their constitution a
miracle; their example the hope of Liberty throughout the world.

May you and your families have a blessed Independence Day

Next:  We have a Birthday girl! Brit Overton. She just turned 18 earlier this week, and is a new
volunteer for the Earl Lofland for Congress Team.  
Welcome Aboard  and Happy Birthday Brit!

Also, As the Kent County District Chairman for the Constitution Party I extend a  thank you to everyone
who has been supportive of us to continue having ballot access in the 2010 Delaware Elections.
Recently the State General Assembly passed in both the House and Senate HB 425 that returns the
ballot qualifications back to what they were before the state signed into law HB 245 last Feb.

Though this is a huge step in the right direction, the battle is not over. As of yesterday (July 1, 2010)
the Governor had not signed HB 425 into law. It would be advantageous for him to do so-- with the
Attorney Generals office also being supportive of HB 425. We are asking everyone to contact the
Governors office to keep informed of the bills status Governor Markel's  Dover Office  phone number is
(302) 744-4101 and Wilmington. (302) 577-3210.
Several Days ago, Patti the campaign manger and Beth the events Coordinator was notified by the
Kent County Parks Dept. we were not permited to hold the BBQ Chicken picnic at the county park on
Killens Pond Rd. Because we were asking people to bring a donation, to help us cover the cost of the
food. ($7.00 or a covered dish)

So we decided to host a picnic at my home on that day.
(click image for details)

We have also decided to have another picnic- meet and greet with several guest speakers the following
week. July 17th, 2010 In Woodside. Delaware.

So have enough food for everyone, or if you are interested in helping out, please contact Patti, either
by phone 302 492 3733 or

Finally, A few days ago I sent a message to readers on facecbook and in my e-mail list, exposing the
facts on how damaging the Reagan years actually were. His 1964 speech for at the Republican
convention and Goldwater for President campaign, compared to what Mr. Reagan actually done for
California as Governor, and later what he done as the President were much different than what he said
in his 1964 Goldwater speech. (Below)

This afternoon I received a message from Gary Odom, National Field Director for the Constitution
Party. It is best left for mr me to post what Mr Odom wrote. He was the Campaign Director for Chuck
Baldwin for President in the 2008 as well.

If you are not registered to vote. We will have several Voter Registration locations set up.  If you would
like to know more information on the locations or how you can help contact
Patti for more details.
302 492 3733 or .
On To victory
Earl Lofland

(Message from Gary Odom)
Congratulations.  This is great!  Maybe we can still save this country!

First I guess you know that the bill passed the Senate.  This leaves us about 23 short I am told....much
better than 300.  I know it is a tough time to get registrations but on the other hand I have to hope that
25-30 are doable.  The good thing about registrations as opposed to petition signatures is they are
what they are (unless outright fraud) and really cannot be challenged.  I really want you to be on the
ballot in Delaware this year!

On another note, you hit another one out of the park as far as I am concerned,with what you wrote
about Ronald Reagan.  His speech for Goldwater hit every note, and his rhetoric was sweet for many,
but his actual performance as Governor and President are a different matter.  I am from California and I