November's General Elections are 39 days away, and the intense pressure to gain voter interest is a
high priorty from the Democart leadership as well as the Republican Leadership In Delaware and
across the US . Both are cotacting voters to donate to their party, accusing the other party of
destroying America.

Some Delawareans have made comments suggesting Mr.Castle should run as an Independent or as
a write-in on the Republican Party since his loss to Christine O'Donnell in the Republican primary.

Some suggest O'Donnell stop her television interviews and meet as soon as possible with Mike Castle
to patch things up

While some have even considered Castles option to consider running as a Write-in as something that
is his own personal agenda.

What happened in Delawares Primary the alternate party leaders are calling the O'Donnell

The Republican voters hoping to change the Republican Party voted in the Delaware Primary against
the National HQ and State Party Choice. Michael Castle. This has created a very interesting outcome
that will prove to be disasterous to both the Democrats and Republican Party. To understand that
please read "Delaware voted None of the Above"

The first problem is the thoughts voters believed Mr Castle should consider running as an

IPod, (The Independent Party of Delaware) has the most registered voters of any other Alternate
Party in Delaware

The Independent Party of Delaware already has selected all of its candidates for office. The
candidates were confirmed July 31, 2010. The Independent Candidate nominated was not Michael

It is
Glenn Miller.

As for any options Castle may decide to do at this point, what impacts it has on the State, the State
and National GOP and every voter in November all should be carefully reviewed by the voters before
they decide who they vote for in November.

Castle just announced he has not left out the options of being a "Write-In".

This option from the Castle camp changes the psychology of the campaign in the Independent
Candidates favor by increasing the confusion and  tension levels of the D and R candidates,
increasing the probability of major error and repercussions.

If Mr Castle were to decide to continue to run,  he has to run as either "Unaffiliated", or as a "Write-in
candidate" . To run as an Unaffiliated candidate, he must to obtain 6,000 signatures from voters in
Delaware  before the end of September to qualify him as an "unaffiliated Candidate". In accordance
to the DE Code he also must decide by that date whether he will be a "Write-in candidate.

Last evening the media reported Mr Castle has not left out the option of running as a write-in
candidate. He also has refused to endorse O'Donnell.

There are political repercussions that are involved in ANY action the Republican Party, the Democrat
Party and Mr. Castle will take at this point.

Castle subsequently denied he would pursue a write-in campaign  I and the Chairman of IPod didn't  
believe him, thinking instead that it was a delaying tactic to buy time for reorganization until he got his
forces in place.

By Changing his mind -running as a write-in  makes him out to be a "Flip Flop" on decisions he would
make as a US Senator compared to what he speaks on the campaign trail.

It is leading to voters questioning the motives of state or National HQ decisions whether they support
Mr. Castle in any way or refused to support him at all.

Mr Castle not endorsing O'Donnell also raises concerns from  Registered Republicans voting in
Delaware. answering the question would  endorse Coons. Publicly or in private circles.

There are many other issues as well that are directly related to ANY decisions made by Castle or the
Republican Party. State and National.

Another questionable action is the "Watchdog group" that has filed ethic charges against O'Donnell.

Is this organization acting on behalf of the Castle Campaign or Michael Castle in any capacity?
Is it affiliated with the GOP Leadership National or State?

Ir raised the question about whether Mr Castle or the GOP has nudged this organization. Or what ties
Castle, the GOP may have to this organization.
It Also makes voters more cautious of the actual motives behind this "Watchdog group"
6 out of 10 registered voters have grown tired of both Democrat and republican Party Policy making.
According to

Voters have asked if Michael Castle is involved in this investigation.

And many of those questions his involvement aren't second guessing  Who is involved in this
investigation or their motives.
Some point to the the Democrats who support Coons

Yet there is suggestions that this could be the Republican Party National HQ and the GOP
Leaderships Taking a shot across O'Donnells bow, to put her in lock step with the policy and agendas
that have been going on in DC with both political spectrums the D and the R..

This could also be a bipartisan warning to her, warning her to comply with the Politics as Usual if she
is seated, or face more of this or worse if she is seated Maybe even Senate Ethic Hearings on her
conduct. For proof of this look at all the others US Senators who have either faced Senate
Investigations on Ethics over the years.

The State and National party is supporting O'Donnell with contributions and Staffing now.
They are going to want something for that.

Nobody in politics recieves $2.5M US (Fed Rres.Notes) overnight without a quid pro quo. And anyone
who says they are able to raise that much is either decieved or a partner of the Party that is
attempting to decieve others.

The GOP and the DNC have used this trick, to falsely portray an American "Grass Roots" movement
of the people (giving them the grand illusion of power) while fostering a corporate agenda under the
banner of individual liberty.
Just sign up for  both of the Two Political Party mailing lists and you will see this.

By the D's and R's continueing to do this tactic over the years has continued to screw themselves into
the ground and loose voter interest.

The Party Leadership will do what ever they can to keep her under their thumb despite what the
people want, and the GOP will do this in a way as not to stir up too much negative attention from the
voters to think it is a party leadership agenda.

And when you accept anything from the party you agree to everything they are doing.
The Fruit of the Poisoned Tree  Theory can be applied in this
The fruit is poisoned. and all that is around that poisoned tree, equally poisoned. And none of the
Party should be accepted by the People.

Just as in a Criminal case deciding on evidence.

Earl Lofland