What’s the purpose of an oath?  A marriage - to the Constitution
Earl Lofland
Feb. 9th 2010

First:   A Thank you goes to Lee Williams with the Caesar Rodney Institute, for keeping their
subscribers updated on the problems of Delaware Housing Authority not complying with the State of
Delaware’s Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution.

Second:  To Ami Sebastian-Hauer, Executive Director of the Dover Housing Authority. And anyone
else with their “own opinions” related to denying  an individual right to own firearms:

Third: Today marks the anniversary for The Parliament of Great Britain declaring Massachusetts in
rebellion. American Revolution:

Fourth: Today is the birthday of American Founding Father Luther Martin (February 9, 1748 – July 8,
1826), in 1774, he served on the patriot committee of Somerset County, New Jersey.  In December he
attended a convention of the Province of Maryland in Annapolis, which had been called to consider
the recommendations of the Continental Congress. Being a proponent for the smaller states he
broke the pledge to secrecy under which the convention had met and informed the Maryland
legislators that the Framers -- already regarded with reverence -- had wantonly violated their
instructions to meet "for the sole and express purpose of revising" the Articles of Confederation.  
who refused to sign the Constitution because he felt it violated states' rights. He became convinced
that the new government would have too much power over state governments and would threaten
individual rights, and supported Patrick Henry and George Mason, whose actions helped passage of
the Bill of Rights.

To: Ami Sebastian-Hauer, Executive Director of the Dover Housing Authority

I too have my own opinion about firearms being owned by residents in the Delaware’s state run housing. That
opinion is based upon a solemn oath to God. “To support and defend the constitutions (state and US) from all
enemies, foreign , and domestic… without mental reservations”.Samuel Adams once stated: “Among the natural
rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the
right to defend them in the best manner they can.” This is to be interpreted as the right to use of lethal force
when necessary. This right was not entitled to any American, given by a government or any person in
government. Nor was it to be interpreted as a limited entitlement. Or a limited God given right. No more than the
Revolutionary War was isolated to just one battle. According to Ami Sebastian-Haur, when interviewed by Lee
Williams, She did not know how or why the firearms ban was implemented,. Yet she thought it was a federal order.

It is appalling to hear a person who holds a position with such high authority deciding to refuse accountability for
their own neglect. Whenever a person in authority is made aware of a violation of another person’s rights
protected by the Constitution, her responsibility- Her Duty is not to side with the “Federal Order”, violating
individuals’ rights protected by the Constitutions.  Ami Sebastian-Hauer stated, “It [gun ban] was in place when I
started 16 years ago,” “I’m sure it is a federal regulation.” Her statement is evidence for 16 years she has
decided to violate the law of this country and the state of Delaware, basing her decisions on her personal liberal
views against owning a firearm, and against the Constitutions.

Therefore she is to be seen as an enemy of the Constitution. And an enemy to all vowing to support, and defend
our first laws, the Constitutions.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development denies ordering Delaware public housing authorities to
ban guns. State lawmakers, however, are drafting legislation to overturn the gun bans, regardless of who ordered
them. – HUD: Public Housing gun bans a local decision February 9, 2010 by leewilliamscri Caesar Rodney
Institute )
HUD, however, told the Caesar Rodney Institute Monday, their agency does not order bans of firearms to the
local housing authorities.  According to Maria Bynum, Spokesperson, who also overseas operations of HUD in
Delaware “We don’t have any policy that relates to that,”

According to Sebastian-Haur residents are strictly prohibited from acquiring or possessing a means of self-
defense , however the 290 public housing units operated by the Dover Housing Authority( under her direct
responsibility), still has a severe problem in controlling rampant criminal activities in their development, The
criminal activities range from “petty crime to shootings,” Sebastian-Hauer stated to the Caesar Rodney Institute.  
Sebastian-Hauer also stated the gun ban.“ makes it a violation of the lease. Anyone caught with a firearm is out.
Our whole purpose is to keep people safe.” Yet the authority has yet to reduce the criminal activity in their facility
with the gun ban she has supported and possibly imposed. Ami Sebastian- Haur was unable to explain why an
unarmed tenant is safer from the crimes that pervades the neighborhoods than an armed tenant.“I really can’t
address that. I will not address that. I have my own opinion against firearms,” Sebastian-Hauer said. “Our job is to
keep people safe.”

What is the Importance of an oath? It is a marriage, a covenant, committing ones’ life, honor and
fortune to protect.

Several weeks ago, I was in a conversation with someone. Who stated, your opponents have a good chance at
being elected as U.S Representative. If either of them won would I support them or their party?  My statement was
“I am a veteran Marine I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. I enlisted in 1978. When I enlisted I
swore an oath. To support and defend the Constitution from all enemy’s foreign and domestic without reservation
and to bear allegiance to the same. I did not swear the oath to support the man, Mr. Carter, US Senators, or
anyone as a person. It was an oath I swore to God and man to support and defend the Constitution First and
Foremost. If they are elected, they have a sworn duty to support and defend the Constitution as I still take today
seriously. If they have a problem with doing that, I have a problem with them. And I will do what it takes to fix that
problem. I will inform people of these individuals error to ensure the error is corrected before it becomes a

According to the report by Lee Williams and the Caesar Rodney Institute, Sebastian-Hauer was unable to explain
why her residents should forfeit their constitutional rights in order to live in public housing.“I don’t see it in that
manner,”  “I see it as the housing authority keeping families safe.” Her statement is further evidence she either
has no interest in the constitution or did not attend American History in school.

The year was 1759 “Those who would give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY to purchase a little TEMPORARY SAFETY,
deserve neither LIBERTY nor SAFETY”.  This is the motto on the title page of “An Historical Review of the
Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania”. (1759).  Then, just eighteen years later, the discussions outlined
what direction our country should take.  When the final signature was signed on the Declaration of Independence
it was understood very clearly.  These men were vowing their Lives their Good names and Fortunes to preserve
the rights of American Citizens.  And these inlcuded Life Liberty, and Property. Where it was to be known to all
future generations;

“ Among the natural rights of the [American Citizen] are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly
to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can”.  –Samuel Adams  
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When the tempest rages, when the thunders roar, and the lightnings
blaze around us it is then that the truly brave man stands firm at his post
-Luther Martin