Recent Rise in Unemployment Impacts Every State Including Delaware

By Earl Lofland

Last Evening, State of Delaware Senator Colin Bonini (R) attended a New Castle County meeting held at
McGlynns Pub in Peoples Plaza, Newark, DE , where he addressed several issues. The unemployment numbers,
in the State of Delaware, and the negative impacts recent legislation passed by the State Senate will have on the
private sector.

Yesterday, the State Senate passed a bill requiring  restaurants  to post all the dietary information of all their
products listed on menu boards and menus- Mr. Bonini's comments refelcted this will have a huge impact on the
cost of  small businesses in the Food Service Industry. A huge portion of their earnings, requiring them to  make
serious adjustments. either reducing employee, freezing pay raises, or other measures, to be able to afford the
costs on the business to comply with the legislation if signed by Gov. Markell (D).

Some other  topics Colin Bonini discussed at the meeting were two marinas and golf courses the State of Delaware
owns,  costing the Delaware Tax Payer over 32 Million Dollars, and their operation expenses must  be included in
the States budget. Mr. Bonini, a candidate for State Auditor assured the attendees at the meeting  he would not
sign off on state spending items he considers abusive spending. That he would be Delawareans "Watch dog".
During  Mr Bonini's Campaign for State Senator. He showed Delawareans  his views are still the same then as
they are today. A reduced and limited government is needed to fix the growing problems we face in Delaware
and nationally.

Many attending last evenings event was unaware the state purchased two golf courses at a cost of $16,410,350.00.
The state even owning two marinas, costing the Delaware Tax payer $16,500,000.00,  which only Colin and
myself were aware of at the meeting. He also discussed the State of Delaware's Unemployment numbers that
were published last month.  

However, I have been monitoring the unemployment figures very closely, In Delaware as well as other states of
interest and nationally, to prove my argument Keynesian Economics  and "Government Intervention" is
destructive to our country and the states. Especially the state of Delaware.

This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics published the recent unemployement figures- based  on
Decembers filings

According to the alternative measures of labor underutilization (our U 6 data) the US is currently at 17.3%
This is 7.6% higher then the U-3 data which is currently at 10% (U 3 data) Total Unemployed as a percent of the
civilian labor force (offical unemployment rate)

U-6  is the total unemployed, plus all marginally  attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic
reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers attached  

In December, Delaware's unemployment  increased from 8.6% in November to 9.0% in December,according to
the figures published today by the BLS.

Last months data from the BLS on Wilmington alone was at 8.4% The estimates for it is estimated that the
numbers in Wilmington will be around 8.9% (U 3 data) Total Unemployed as a percent of the civilian labor force
(offical unemployment rate)

However, this does not include the U-6 figures that are standing roughly 5% higher then the 9.%. Meaning
Delaware is currently at 14%  That is an increase from 13.2%  published last month.

So what does all this mean to the average tax payer? From Nov. to December there was a. 4% increase in those
filing for unemployment benefits in the State of Delaware.

Having a constitutionally limited government, which I fully support and have stressed in the past provides the
ability for a flourishing economy and growth in the private sector. .

Below are some of the other states figures for those who are wondering
Michigan is still ranked highest in Unemployment. standing at 14.6% adding the U6 figures that comes to a 20%
unemployment rate for their state.
Just something to think about when you go to the voting booth and vote next election.

Big Government? Big Government Spending? Or a reduced and limited government which will actually  reduce
the unemployment?





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