August 26th, 2010
In Delaware this year, Delaware Voter registration must equal at least one-twentieth of 1% of the states total

This  means 305 voters were required for the Constitution Party of Delaware to remain having ballot access.
The Constitution Party fell short of that number by 17 members.

This was due to voters changing party affiliation after an unconstitutional law (HB245) was implemented on
Feb.1, 2010 and  the Closed Primary date began on March 30,2010 . CP Affiliate voters were concerned they
not be able to vote in the November election and would not be affiliated with any party unless they changed
before the start of the closed primary Season starting at the end of March 2010.

The Attorney General's wrote a decision in favor the Constitution Party of Delaware- ordering the State to
reverse HB 245 back to its original  quota for affiliated voters. However due to the strict voter registrations in
Delaware. The CP party was only able to recruit non registered voters and had but a month to do this before
the Aug 23 Deadline.  

This resulted in lengthy battle against the two major parties from the first day I decided to run for the most
powerful seat in Washington DC, in accordance to Article I of the US Constitution. Though the states political
system succeeded in keeping the Constitution Party of Delaware from having ballot access in Delaware,
many of the Constitution Party candidates have been nominated by the Independent Party of Delaware as
fusion Candidates.
Giving Delawareans the Constitution Party views and Ideals to be carried over onto the Independent Party of
Delaware ballots for the November Elections. It is important to note; just because the powers that be in
Delaware were able to keep the Constitution Party from  having ballot access this election, it has not broken
the spirits of our party in Delaware. Instead, it has awoken many voters to the facts the same corrupt and lack
of fortitude in preserving the Constitution, by their public servants blatant violation of upholding their solemn
oath of office has been exposed.

We were able to gain at least 40 unregistered voters to become affiliated with the Constitution party of
Delaware in the very short time span the state forced the CPoD to meet their quota.
We will continue to strive to educate the public and draw more young voters over to the winning team as well
to have ballot access in the 2012 elections.

Earl Lofland
Kent County Constitution Party Chairman
Independent Party of Delaware -Constitution Party Candidate
United States House of Representatives

Our CP nominated candidate for Congress, Earl Lofland, is also the nominee of the Independent Party,

Gary Odom
National Field Director
Constitution Party

The long closed change of registration period in Delaware serves no other interest than to perpetuate the D
and R duopoly in Delaware and raises fundamental constitutional questions of equal protection and freedom
of association.

Delaware makes it difficult for any party to gain registrations during an election year.  Delaware has the
nation’s second most restrictive law on whether voters may change parties, in the months before a primary,
and also (irrationally) in the months before a general election.  There is no state interest in preventing voters
from changing parties  in the months before a general election, and Delaware is the only state that does
that.  There is an ostensible purpose to making it impossible for voters to change parties before a primary, to
prevent “raiding” (insincere attempts by voters to join a political party just to manipulate who wins its
primary).  The only state that is more rigid about letting voters switch parties before a primary is New York.

Wolf von Baumgart
State Chairman,
Independent Party of Delaware
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