Delaware politics as usual
By Earl Lofland
This is a story that will focus on one major problem, But will be discussing several actions
that lead to the fact there is a problem with Delaware Politics.

In a July 18 2010 Article Sean O'Sullivan of The News Journal reported on FEC auditors
finding mistakes in Joe Biden's presidential bid financial books. He must pay $219,005

According to the article FEC spokeswoman Judith Ingram would not describe the order as a
fine or penalty instead she compared it to correcting accounting errors. However The
payments will be made to the U.S. Treasury. (IRS). Run by another person who cheated the
Department of Treasury. Tim Giethner. And never had to face criminal charges for "Tax
Evasion" or falsifying Tax Returns. Both Joe and Tim Geithners actions would normally be  
considered Purgery.

But one of the issues discovered in Joe's finance records should be something that the FBI
should be investigating. Campaign contributions of $105,216 that may have been over the
legal Limit  individuals can not donate more than the $2,300 per-election.
To read the full story Click
here  To read how corruption has been taking place in Delaware
including the issues of Federal Investigations on the Minner/NKS [land dea])” travesty a
“sweetheart deal”  obtaining a Land lease on State property illegally from the Governors
office and General Assembly Click
here and Click Here
On June 16 the Local News reported  something similar.

The former finance director of the Laurel School District was charged with the
embezzlement of $151,000 from the schools.
Hitch was charged with taking $151,000 from district coffers over a period of eight years.

Hitch was indicted  on 99 counts of theft and tampering with public records but the other 96
counts have now been dropped. Under the deal, he will serve only a year of probation.

What this shows is government officials have not only been permitting theft
from Children's education the government even encourages this action with doing nothing
more than at very most Probation. And the tax payer is left with having to pay the price by
children learning from the government it is acceptable to be immoral Corrupt. Steal Cheat
Perverted and lie.

Though this would seem to be enough there is yet more!

SEAN O'SULLIVAN, from the The News Journal published a report Thursday, January 21,
Ex-judge Bradley admits abusing 11-year-old boy

There is also the case of the Pedo Physician Earl Bradley who the Attorney
Generals office was made aware of dating back to the Jane Brady (R) years and
even as recently as the Beau Biden Years (D), Where nothing was done until this
Since 1994 there were reports of him molesting children and the State failed
to do anything about it.

Then there are the Sussex County High School Football coach's who have been
charged with similar crimes. Click
here and head football coach Thomas Ott was

And if this is not disturbing enough, there is even more!!!

As a candidate for United States Congress The General Assembly, just days after I
was officially recognized by the FEC decided to Pass HB 245 and within a week the
Governor had signed it into law. This bill was later determined to be
Unconstitutional and the State Attorney General office opined on the law. Telling
the General Assembly and the Department of Elections that the election law
needed to be returned back to its original wording during an election year.

As of today the General Assembly resolved this matter by passing HB 425.
However  Governor Markell received House Bill 425 on July 16th. And has yet to
sign it into law.

Then just this week the Superior court of Delaware may have just acted outside
its Constitutional authority by mandating a law instead of deciding on current law
and whether the issues related to the Constitution they decided in the McVay
Claim a decision which may demand even further legal action to be filed against
the State of Delaware pursuant to Amendment I of the US Constitution the Civil
Rights Act and the Voter Rights Act.

Judges who are appointed by the Two party system who act in bad behavior must
be impeached  and removed from the bench.
Politicians who have not upheld their oath of office also should be impeached and
removed from office.
It is time for a new vanguard of the Constitutional Republic and it must start by
electing individuals who will not only swear to support and defend the
Constitutions (States and US) but know how to interpret the Constitutions as their
original authors and hold the same virtues and vision as the Authors and signers
of the Declaration of Independence.

Earl Lofland