This afternoon I attended  Welcome Back Rally, held in front of the State of Delaware's capital
building, The weather was frigid, but sunny. However, the cold temperature didn't prevent people
from attending this event.

Today, members of the 912 Delaware Patriots, First State Patriots, Campaign for Liberty, and
several candidates for various state and federal offices conjoined on the Delaware's capital
building, welcoming the States Legislature back into session.

Pell Sherman, State Chairman for the Constitution Party of Delaware, and myself were of the first
to arrive.,  Other candidates arrived later for an opportunity to meet with the attendees

State Senator Colin Bonini,  a candidate for State Treasurer exited from Legislative Hall to thank
everyonef for coming out, and meet with those who attended the  "A Sleeping Giant Has Been
Awakened" Rally.

Editor for the Smyrna Clayton Sun Times, Ben Mace along with Delaware State News reporters
and photographers were also present. Along with WDEL who was airing their show inside.

Ben Interviewed Patti and I at the event, as well as took some photographs of both of us with the
campaign banner in the background. The Delaware State News took a group photograph of all the
attendees. Patti was in the front row wearing one of our campaign shirts. I will be looking for the
Article in the Delaware State News Paper.

Patti Brown, Campaign Treasurer has been doing one outstanding job.

Pell Sherman, Chairman for Delaware's Constitution Party's table was set up next to my campaigns
table. Accenting each other very nicely. Pell had Constitution Party brouchures, pamplets as well
as hand warmers for attendeeds. and bumper stickers for our Political Party. My Campaign
Committee brought magnets, tee shirts and handouts as well.

Our present goal is to raise $2,000.00 By Feb. 23rd. My campaign Committee is working out
details for a Freedom Motorcycle Ride to Daytona Bike Week, Were I am to  meet with fellow Sons
of Liberty Riders and Tea Party members from all over the US for the Freedom Riders Bike Rally
during  Daytona Bike Week.  

Ben and I agreed to meet in the upcoming days, So he has all the details on the Daytona Freedom

Below are the Gatehouse Media Networks in this area (a Nation wide media syndication.

The Dover Post Dover, DE (Paid Weekly)
The Airlifter McChord AFB, DE (Paid Weekly)
Middletown Transcript Middletown, DE (Paid Weekly)
Milford Beacon Milford, DE (Paid Weekly)
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times Smyrna/Clayton, DE (Paid Weekly)
Sussex Countian Sussex, DE

Brandywine East Community News Brandywine, DE (Free Weekly)
Brandywine West Community News Brandywine, DE (Free Weekly)
Greenville Community News Greenville, DE (Free Weekly)
The Community News Hockessin, DE (Free Weekly)
Mill Creek Community News Mill Creek, DE

I will extend an invitation  to the Sun Times cover the campaigns Freedom Motorcycle Ride to
Daytona, So Delawareans are kept abreast of the Freedom Motorcycle Ride and Freedom Bike
Rally during Daytona Bike Week. Ben and the Sun Times has been great in the past, promoting
other programs and fundraiser events I have been involved in.

As a thank you to our financial supporters,  financial contributors who donate at least $15.00 to
our campaign will receive a complimentary Tee shirt  We have Kids sizes to Adult XXL. Colors are
White or White with Black Neck and Arm Bands. and Gray. We usually bring some with us to the
We also are sending them out to those who mail in contributions.

Earl Lofland For United States Congress
Welcome Back Rally on Legislative Mall Dover, DE Jan 12, 2010