Iftekhar Hussain, Board of Directors of CAIR (Council onAmerican-Islamic Relations).

Born in Bangladesh
Lived in "Palestine".(Where in the 70 's 5 millions were killed by the Islamists)

He now fights for tha palestinian cause
He also receives money from Saudi Arabia
Here in the USA Iftek Harhussain gets all the support and the networks from the US government through Democrats
like  US Rep Sestak from this NE area of PA
Urgent! Keep this in your mind when you vote in Nov 2010 Elections

Also this course is a kind of process with 10 steps. I will keep you updated
At the 1st Annual CAIR-PA Banquet
with Ed Rendell and Ahmed Bedeir
Photograph found at
You may want to consider this when Mr Sestak comes around asking for your vote.
Remember: the Holy Land Trial?
Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development -

Guilty Verdicts In Holy Land Foundation Retrial