The Dredge Report (Not to be confused with the Drudge report)
Diggin the Delaware - Dredge Here - Dredge Now
By Earl Lofland

As I listen to the recent news the past several days, reporting how the economic stimulus programs promoted by
the Democrat party, is showing possible signs of progress - Reducing the current unemployment levels down to
10% nationally, I decided to look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports published this month on individual states
and the metro areas that make up several states. Making my own determination.

I also read a report today on AG Biden and others in Delaware along with Mr. Corzine from NJ who are fighting
against saving or creating jobs. Not only Delaware jobs, but PA and NJ jobs as well.

Bureau of Labor Statistics report published last month showed unemployment levels for Delaware was at
8.3%. Up from the previous months report of 8.2%.

Decembers BLS Report published This week reveals a 0.4% increase in Delaware's Unemployment rate, now at
8.7% . The Rates in just three months have increased over one half of a percent. Although, these figures are only
calculating individuals who are still receiving unemployment insurance payments. Adding individuals who are
unemployed, and ineligible for unemployment insurance would show a much higher unemployment rate. Possibly
as much as 18% in Delaware.

The News Journal published
Valero's departure cuts deep into state - Tax revenue, job losses likely to trickle down into schools (Dec 6th )

The elimination of 550 full-time jobs, [due to the permanent closing of Valero in Delaware City], and a huge force
of contractors that are collateral damage of the closing of the refinery, could cause businesses to slump or close
and property values also to drop.

Elected officials in this region. Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey should be working collectively on ways to
protect jobs. And, seeking opportunities to possibly create new jobs. You would think Beau Biden and other
officials would be eager to support any prospects of saving or creating jobs. This is not the case though.
Attorney General Beau Biden and many of officials in the State of Delaware are battling against a measure that
would stimulate the entire regions economy.
Attorney General Beau Biden’s office will argue in US District Court Tomorrow morning why the Army Corps of
Engineers channel deepening project should not go forward.

The hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, in
Judge Sue Robinson’s courtroom at The U.S. District Court,
844 N. King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Caesar Rodney Institute Blog posted the
complaint filed by DNREC against the Corps of Engineers, which seeks
to stop the dredging.
The Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the Delaware River since the 1800s.
According to a report by Lee Williams of
Caesar Rodney Institute Blog :

The Delaware River was 18-feet deep. The current depth is 40-foot and has been maintained regularly since
World War II.

But, the Corps of Engineers to deepen parts of the shipping channel to 45 feet is in jeopardy.“What makes these
suits filed by Beau Biden and the AG office a hoax is: dredging is done each year,”
Mr. Rendell told the Caesar Rodney Institute. “We do maintenance dredging. When we’re allowed a 40-foot depth,
silt accumulates and you have to dredge.”

What makes this disturbing;  Politics, again, is more important then the best interest of the State.

Privately, Corzine admitted he opposed the dredging project. But he also would end his opposition after he won re-
election. A campaign he ultimately lost.
If parts of the 103-mile shipping channel are dredged to 45 feet, Mr. Rendell and many others , Including myself,
believe the increase in shipping traffic will create more jobs throughout the region. In addition to safeguarding the
jobs already here.

Access of the regions ports by the massive Mega Tankers and mega Cargo Ships require much more depth, in
the shipping channel to maneuver safely.

The shallow waters of the Delaware River make the navigation of larger vessels into the ports along the Delaware
Esturary virtually impossible. Resulting in the hindering or reducing business the opportunity of growth in NJ DE
PA. costing positive business growth in the private sectors in the region.  Protecting current Longshoreman jobs
but providing opportutnities for additonal longshormen being hired. The Rail Car industy that transports  goods to
and from the ports as well as the trucking and local delivery busnesses which provide services that all are
impacted by the goods that come in and go out of the ports along the Delaware Estuary.

“I am a strong advocate of dredging. It’s essential for us in the Port of Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and the
Port of Wilmington to remain competitive,” Rendell said. This is where I agree with Mr Rendell.

We need to dredge to at least 45 feet. Doing so, The region could add 10,000 to 40,000 good-paying
longshoreman jobs. as well as thousands of other job in the transportation and other Sectors related to the sales
and distribution of products. To get 10,000 to 40,000 jobs, especially in this economy, is like manna from heaven.”
Mr. Rendell stated.

"Proponents of the Army Corps of Engineer’s channel deepening project claim opposition by local politicians is self-
serving, a betrayal of their constituents’ best interests of the states, anti-business and anti-labor."

The proposal that was submitted in 2001 to Former Gov. Miner was never addressed:
Congress authorized the dredging plan in 1992. The Corps first applied for state permits in 2001. Two years later,
a DNREC hearing officer recommended rejecting the plan. It wasn’t until July 2009 that DNREC Secretary Colin O’
Mara formally denied the Corps’ dredging proposal.

Kent Hanson, a U.S. Justice Department attorney representing the Corps of Engineers said today during the
hearings: delaying or denying the proposal would produce harm.
“We’re not talking about economic harm to the government. We’re talking about economic harm to people,” he
said. “In the public interest, we can’t ignore the environment, but we have to look at much more

(Note: this story  about todays Court Hearing can  be found in
CRI’s Special Reports section.)

The State of Delaware asked District Court Judge Sue Robinson Tuesday for an injunction that would halt the
Army Corps of Engineers’ controversial plan to deepen the Delaware River from 40 to 45 feet.

Delaware Deputy Attorney General Jennifer Oliva presented the state’s case before a packed courtroom, which
included several longshoremen from the Port of Wilmington who had ball caps that said “
Dredge Now!

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, Attorney General Beau Biden and New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine don’t see the Corps’
plan as heaven sent. None were willing to be interviewed for this story.

Dredging: Political grandstanding, ‘hoax’ lawsuits and more « Caesar Rodney Institute Blog
On Oct. 30, AG Biden filed suit in federal court to stop the project, arguing the project infringed upon his state’s
sovereign rights. This is not just an issue of Whether it infringes on Sovereignty of the State. If so there would be a
movement in the State of Delaware and the AG office to pass a resolution related to declaring the states
Sovereign Rights over the Federal Governments Rights as other states have filed and their states Governors
have signed in the recent months in defense of States rights over the Federal Goverments Demands related to
the Stimulus Bill that was passed in Congress.

As well as protecting Delawareans 2nd Amendment rights where Attorney General Beau Biden, Rep. Mike Castle,
Senators Ted Kaufman and Tom Carper did not sign similar briefs

Bipartisan group of 21 Delaware lawmakers signs Amicus Brief supporting NRA’s stance in key U.S. Supreme
Court gun-rights case.

As for the Problems with the Unemployment levels you would think that the State of Delaware would be seeking
ways to encourage job growth Although.according to the Unemployment Rates for States published by the Bureau
of Labor Statistics

I have to agree with Mr Rendell, and others like Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Keller, D-Philadelphia, who questions the
motivations of politicians who oppose the dredging plan on this topic somewhat.

It is a good work opportunity that should be done. It will ensure Longshoreman have work It may even create or
rescue some of the Recent Jobs that were lots by Valero Closing its doors in Delaware City.
I am also able to see the point of environmental groups wanting to hinder this project due to the impacts on the
environment. damaging the Delaware Estuary/

These concerns should not be taken lightly. There is substantial evidence showing problems with the Benthos and
oyster population.. All this though is related to Pollution in the Estuary. That is nota result of by the Dredging. It is
more likely then not, from the Chemical run off that is coming from places like the DuPont Plant in Wilmington who
has stored, just yards from the Delaware Bay. VX agents. The same compound that was used for Agent Orange.
now banned for sale due to its high risk of causing cancer.

If the Delaware Politicians were seeking measures to save the Delaware Estuary, they should be looking in their
own back yards. The DuPont Plant and its Stock Pile of VX Chemicals. I personally have done water samples at
Woodland beach a few years ago. I still have unpaid medical bills resulting from going to Woodland Beach and
conducting these tests of Water in the Delaware Bay.

I started a program called DEBRA (Delaware Bay Oyster Replenishment Assistance) through the church in
Smyrna that I am a member of. to promote Conservation and educate school aged children of the importance of
preserving the Delaware Estuary. I stopped going out to the Adopted Wetland when I began noticing a pattern of
getting ill after I was going out to do these tests. During my visits to the Adopted Property at Woodland Beach
tests were showing levels of Chloride in the Delaware Bay .
Each time I was at Woodland Beach conducting water temps , Ph Balance tests Chloriide. Saline levels Water
Oxygen levels and other tests like Marine life monitoring, within a 24 hours I was going to the Emergency room and
or having to see a physician to be treated for some form of an infection. Either in my eyes or nose or some other
form of illness. I stopped going out to Woodland Beach, and I have not had these problems reoccur since then.

When elected U.S. Representative One of my main objectives would be to insure funding is made available for the
studying the dangers of Delaware Estuary and how to reverse the damage that has been neglected to be
addressed. An Estuary that is in far greater danger according to the EPA reports than the Chesapeake Estuary.
Delaware also needs to take a more active role in reversing the depleted oyster population. As well as the
pollution problems affecting Delawareans, and visitors to the Delaware Shores. When ever you take the sand that
is contaminated with PCB's and pump it on the shore of a Public Beach it is elementary that these toxins are
exposed on the beach for people to be basking in when they lay on the beach.

This is not the risk though with dredging. The risk is the harm to the marine life that make their home and feeding
grounds in the Channel. On the other hand though. Pointing back to the warnings that DNREC issues each year.
only 8 oz of any form of marine life can be consumed a year out of many parts of the Delaware Esutary. Sounds to
me like these environmentalists have something in common with the ones who are not addressing the real
problems. It isn't the danger of harming marine lifes home that is more important. it is destroying the life source of
the Delaware Estuary with Dioxins in the water. that also commutes into the Benthos and the Vegitation as well as
the Marine Life.

I say we should be dredging the channel. And we also need to seek individuals who are not bought and paid for by
the Corporate hands that are polluting the Estuary with Dioxins and there chemicals like VX , even chloride.
I will not only share your article as I do many of the outstanding reports that you do with others. I will be adding
some of what I have written here as well to show supporters

According to the recent Unemployment figures in the DE PA NJ and MD region it is vital to search for
ways to bolser the economy.

. 1 being the Best and 50 the worst, Delaware ranks at 24th

When you break down the Metropolitan areas The Northern section of this State is much higher then the States
overall unemployment percentages.

The worst Highest Metropolitan Unemployment Rates in the Nation are:

In comparrison from a year ago
The Northern Portion of the State of Delaware is up 3.1% from a year ago.
24 Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA NJ DE MD 12-2008 5.7% 12-2009 8.8%

Over-the-Month Change in Unemployment Rates for States
# 42 DELAWARE Oct 2009 8.3% Nov 2009 8.7% Change 0.4%

# 30 NC Oct 2009 10.8% Nov 2009 11.0 Change +0.2%
# 14 PA Oct 2009 8.8% Nov 2009 8.8% Change 0.0
# 14 TN Oct 200910.5% Nov 2009 10.5% Change 0.0
# 14 VA Oct 2009 6.6% Nov 2009 6.6% Change 0.0
# 10 NJ Oct 2009 908% Nov 2009 9-7% Change -0.1
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