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Earl R. Lofland
United States Congress 2010
For decades, Americans have expressed a growing distrust in politics. It is my full intention; not to bring politics to this
coming election. Nor the campaign. Instead; Sound statesmanship skills mirroring an era when our nation was first
founded. Americans have shown a growing lack of confidence in what many politicians in Washington DC and state
governments have neglected to do. Leading without actions which mirror the principles of protecting the US
Constitution. Many have turned the United States of America from a democratic constitutional republic, to a society
resembling a socialist, progressive and  Unconstitutional form of government. I am not experienced in Politics. Nor
have I ever sought to any government office before. Although, I do bring fresh and sound Ideas that  return this nation
back to what it was founded upon.

I also realize the dire problems Americans are facing, the economic problems and many other issues which this nation
face. Being an Oath keeper, and studying, not only the US Constitution and its authors, The thoughts and opinions of
those who  wrote the Declaration of Independence, brings a more vivid understanding in what the people in Delaware
seek in elected officials. Members of our government who refuse to pass any laws which violate the US Constitution.
Citizens from all over the United States demand ethical responsibility and leaders with virtuous integrity, who will
uphold their oath of office. And respectively represent the states where they are from. Joined together, as one body
committed to protect and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It has been
my utmost commitment to serve people, (not only in Delaware ). And I am asking  your support to bring an agenda
based upon Virtues. Ethical integrity. Responsibility, dedication and, commitment in preserving our nations
fundamental principles . A covenant you can say between, the people of Delaware , the United States of America, and
myself. To ensure everyone has the equal rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. At the same time-
developing opportunities for American Citizens to be capable of exercising their ability to perform what is known as
"Charity first starts at home. This will be done by through a number of objectives:  Reducing the size of the
government. Reducing taxes. Improving opportunities such as tax incentives for charitable services provided by
others.  Providing a sound fiscal budget, Protecting our Borders. Providing opportunities for small businesses to be
capable of becoming the backbone of the nations economic growth once again. Providing children with sound
educational opportunities such as Voucher programs and Charter schools incentives. Ensuring the United States
dependency on other nations for our energy needs is reversed. Combined with seeking feasible ways for alternative
Energy Sources. Wind farming and other Natural energy ideas to be able to enrich the lives of Americans.
Recognizing the needs of The Native Americans and actually complying with the treaties already made with them
Again-Charity first must begin at Home.

Can I do this alone? The answer is: Emphatically No! Although, I  together, with others like myself in Washington;
committed with ensuring the US Constitution is the basis for all laws in this nation- This nation will return to being a
nation, by the people and for the people of the respected states making up the entire body of United States of

Your assistance is also needed in this task to ensure future generations will be able to also live Free and Independent
from all foreign interests who oppose our form of government .
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