By Earl Lofland

Whitehouse Press Corps, and the Democratic party are stating the elections in NJ and VA held no huge
impact on the direction Washington officials are taking, is not completely true. Though many of the elections
yesterday were on a state level, it creates a wave of  policy changes that will be done in the state  and local
governments where the elections took place. New Jersey, historically a Blue state, VA a swing state. And,
one other race that many have not really thought much to report on in the state of New York. Besides the
Congressional Election for District 23.

The National media neglected to tell you about a stunning upset in Nassau County New York Republicans
regained control of the county legislature for the first time in a decade. This is a huge turn of events!

"We have lost, in my judgment, the majority in the Nassau County Legislature," said Jay Jacobs, chairman
of the Nassau Democratic Party.


Gallop polls in the  NJ and VA elections  showed a  majority of people who voted for Mr Obama in last years
election were college age students. The Polls also showed these same Obama Supporters  did not come
out and vote for their states elected officials.  Even with Mr. Obama making his visits to NJ and VA to
persuade voters to vote for the Democratic Party Candidate . According to reports on Fox News and the
Judge Andrew Napolitano guest, (an educator), Many who did not vote yesterday thought it was not as
important as the election for President of the United States, showing a dangerous pattern in a generation of
voters who are completely oblivious to basic American Civics that used to be a required topic in  middle and
high school education. When you stop teaching fundamental education on States rights over the Federal
Governments rights. The Constitution, Duties of the State government and the election process. An entire
generation is lost and suseptable to being deceived.

A wave of cataclysmic impacts can also be affecting future elections in DE, as well as NJ and Virginia.

Four Democratic congressmen from Virginia are at risk because their districts went for Bob McDonnell last
night. And not just Virginia House members should take note. Virginia Senators Jim Webb (D) and Mark
Warner (D) need to look carefully at the impact of the energy tax in the cap and trade bill , and the Health
Care bill on Virginia voters.

Many don't realize the state level election process is based upon a democracy, e.g.  State referendums in
mandating laws. State of Maine on Same Sex marriage is one of the most recent examples.

According to Mike Allen of The Politico, network exit polls showed 85% of Virginia voters and 90% of New
Jersey voters were worried about the economy. For Virginia that is a very clear message since this is a
predominantly  Democratic state.

With 66% of the Votes in Virginia Bob McDonnell  was elected as Governor. This was a majority of
Independent voters who come out and switched from how they voted in the 2008 election for a Democrat to
a Republican for their states Executive office. Mr. Corzine with 60% of the Votes going to Christie . This too
was a huge message not only to Democratic party to the the conservative members of the GOP as well.

The New York Congressional election for district 23 also sends a clear message to both the Democratic
Party and the NRC.  

Mr. Hoffmann ran as a member of a third party, the Conservative party and was able to gain 45% of the
votes. Members of the NRC like Newt Gingrich, Mr Steeele and even Dede Sozzafava ridiculed  GOP
members like Sarah Palin, Frank Thompson and Dick Armney for endorsing Mr Hofman a non experienced
Politician and a third party member.  The conservative base of the Republican party where clearly
abandoned by Mr Steele, the NRCC and the NRSC. New York Election laws are one of the most unique in
the nation. The members of the GOP who decided to donate almost one million dollars to Dede should have
taken more consideration in who they were going to support with funds from the GOP Bankroll.  
Conservative members of the GOP sent out messages to the states party members not to donate to the
GOP due to their Endorsement of Dede and her views too liberal for their states conservative base.  

According to a recent letter published by Newt Gingrich "Republican leaders in New York must recognize
that Mike Long and the Conservative Party in that state have to be consulted before decisions are made.
The national conservative movement is a force that has to be recognized and respected."

The Conservative Party which Mr Hoffman ran under is a third Party. Although it is aligned somewhat with
the GOP. This was proven when Mr Steele, Mr Sessions and the members of the GOP decided to turn
attention to supporting Mr Hofman after just days before the election, their candidate Dede Scozzafava
removed herself from the election, tossing the NY GOP under the big red bus and causing a heightened
wave of discord to the conservative members of the GOP, where she endorsed the Democratic Party
Candidate over the Conservative party candidate that  Mr Steele and other GOP members then decided to
support. A measure of support that proved to be;  too little - too late in the debauched decision of the NRC.
It doesn't matter who won this election. Conservative members of the National Republican Party should now
realize they have been abandoned by the GOP. Except for when the GOP comes calling for Contributions
for electing RINO Candidates like Mrs Scozzafava. Sarah Palin Frank Thomspson and Dick Armney Ron
Paul supporters all have been used by the GOP for contributions and these members have realized it.

Mr. Hoffman entered this campaign with no prior experience in politics. Battling against former State
assembly woman, Dede Scozzafava Yet, he held the values for the Conservatives. Enough for a third party
candidate who was able to hold conservative voters as their choice even before Dede abandoned the GOP.
Instead deciding the best interests of the people of her district. She apparently decided to choose the best
interests of Politics and endorsed Mr Owens.. Mr Hoffman  still was able to gained  45% of the Votes on
Election Day .That is a huge margin of vote for someone that has no prior experience. And shows a clear
sign that the Conservatives in NY were not interested in Dede Scozzafava, her Politics or her Democratic  
Party Opponent deciding to vote for an inexperienced  3rd party member instead, That is also closely
affiliated with NY GOP members on a secondary level.

Obviously there was absolutely nothing Republican about Scozzafava. A supporter of partial-birth abortion,
card-check union schemes,massive government spending programs, she is clearly less Republican than
John McCain or even Lyndsey Graham.
Ann Coulter even commneted on the NY Electin in a recent article she wrote: "Election 2009: Change I Can
Believe In!

"Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos called Scozzafava the most liberal candidate in the race which may explain
why she was the choice of George Soros' Working Families Party and why she promptly endorsed the
Democrat after withdrawing from the race last weekend."

A Pattern was seen on behalf of Conservative voters that reflected what happened in the 2008 elections.
Voters were willing to choose someone who was inexperienced.