What to do with Detainees in Gitmo.
On June 3, 2010 I attended a meeting  with A group of
six of the thirteen retired admirals and generals meeting
in Philadelphia about the importance to our national
security, and the treatment of detainees in accordance
with our laws and values. Were many responded with
disgust to comments made last night by the former
President that he would resort to waterboarding in the

The Generals who were in the Conference room were
General Joseph Hoar  USMC (Ret)
Rear Admiral John D. Hutson, JAGC US Navy (Ret.)
Brig General  Murray Sagsveen US Army (Ret
Lt General Robert G Gard Jr. US Army (Ret)
Lt General Harry E Soyster US Army Ret
Brig General Stephen Xenakis US Army Ret
I  had brought 5 Knights of the Innocent Tee Shrits with
me to give to those I would meet.
There were thirteen commanders in Phila, PA  holding
the two day conference in relation to Human Rights First
a non profit organization which was part of a team of
commanders who had been working to close Gitmo and
To discuss why  terror suspects should be given trial in
civilian courts: the basis was on their statement
"Al-Qaida types are criminals; we should not accord
them the status of warriors".

The article published in the
Pittsburgh Gazette was the
basic outline for what the meeting was based upon.
I was also given an opportunity to ask questions and
address other concerns I have in relation to our warriors
returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
One topic addressed was on a report I received, published in the Marine Corps Times (5-26-10);"Psych Drugs Killing US Military Vets In
Their Sleep Cocktails";.The commanders were unaware of the details in this report, yet it gave an opportunity to present to them the article
that was published on this topic, and show them my position; to assure that our warriors are being provided all they need in the recovery
process for their injuries. I was seated between General Joseph Hoar USMC (Ret) and Lt General Harry E Soyster US Army Ret.

General Hoar served as Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Central Command. After the first Gulf War, General Hoar led the effort to enforce the
naval embargo in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and to enforce the no-fly zone in the south of Iraq. He oversaw the humanitarian and
peacekeeping operations in Kenya and Somalia and also supported operations in Rwanda, and the evacuation of U.S. civilians from
Yemen during the 1994 civil war. He was the Deputy for Operations for the Marine Corps during the Gulf War and served as General
Norman Schwarzkopf's Chief of Staff at Central Command. General Hoar currently runs a consulting business in California.

Lieutenant General Soyster served as Director, Defense Intelligence Agency during DESERT SHIELD/STORM. He also served as Deputy
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army, Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and
in the Joint Reconnaissance Center, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In Vietnam he was an operations officer in a field artillery battalion. Upon
retirement he was VP for International Operations with Military Professional Resources Incorporated and returned to government as
Special Assistant to the SEC ARMY for WWII 60th Anniversary Commemorations completed in 2006.

Some other topics discussed related to Nidal Hasan; seeking to find out what venue his trial should be placed in if he were not a Major in
the US Army, instead may have been a private contract of the DoD and conducted this attack. There comments reflected in that scenerio
-- be tried as a civilian in the federal court system. Their focus in the meeting was to explain how some of these detainees are low risk and
should be released to INS, to begin the transition process for them to be relocated to either their native country or to a country where they
will not be at risk of persecution because of their race, nationality, origin, ethnicity, cultural or religious beliefs, or political activities.

General Soyster explained that statistics have shown that 14 percent of individuals incarcerated return back to criminal activities with the
proper rehabilitation. These low risk detainees should be sent back to the country of their origin or to a country that will allow them and
their families to have a normal lifestyle with as little threat of being recruited as a jihadist. According to these Commanders, the reason
these detainees should not be tried in a military tribunal, Al-Qaida types are criminals; and  should not be raised to the status of
warriors.The goal of terrorist organizations like al-Qaida is to instill fear -- to persuade the public they are a powerful, unstoppable global
threat and the Western world should simply cave in to their demands. They call themselves "jihadists"; to give themselves the status of
holy warriors. When in fact, they are criminals, thugs and mass murderers. Treating terrorists as soldiers instead of criminals supports
their claim that their murderous attacks are justifiable acts of war. This is a profound tactical mistake. It dishonors every American who
wears our uniform.

To hold a military tribunal would not reflect the best interests to combat terror and most people around the world reflect the trials of a
Military tribunal as less than a fair trial in relation to a civilian court.
My concerns  are not based on what others think of our military court system compared to our civilian judicial system of government. it is
paramount measures are addressed in a way that places the proper venues for those like Nidal Hasan.  in comparison to others who are
captured on foreign soil. by our military forces until we are removed off the fields of battle completely in this "War on Terror"

I also presented the issues related to Hamas and how that organization in itself poses a threat to our country and it operates even within
our borders. However they would see those whom are captured as not being entitled the elevated status of a warrior. And should be tried
in the federal court systems.

This topic, without any doubt is one of the most difficult problems our elected representatives must face,  American History and our
country's future depends upon members of Congress resolving this correctly.

Another topic addressed at the meeting reflected on how we need to provide assurance to our warriors. That they receive proper medical
treatment for their medical disabilities after they return from combat. We all agreed since September 11, 2001 American warriors and their
families have been impacted tremendously, and assuring their rehabilitation should be a high priority.  
On a historical magnitude; America has not experienced the need for medical staffing to provide for those who have been deployed  3,4,
and 5 times into hostile areas  such Iraq and Afghanistan. This too causes a problem where the VA; has experienced a shortage of
medical professionals. One of the topics we discussed related to our returning warriors at Ft Hood. The government was now inviting the
private sector of the medical field in the community to be a part of the patient care for our wounded warriors, Something that was not done
before. This was due to the warriors who were returning home and going off base to be treated by non military medical professionals so
not to be listed in the Dept of Defense for their injuries. They would see these medical professionals 5 and 6 times under the radar of the
DoD, and the Dept of Defense had no records of these warriors as being treated. When the patient  was ;released by the off base medical
staff, They were then placed in an awkward position to decide whether to go to the Base Medical staff and have their cases reported with
the DoD and be at risk of being placed on a Medical Discharge or search for other alternatives.This has created the increase in possible
suicide levels among or Combat veterans, Heavy illegal drug use,  and various forms of spousal abuse and other problems needing to be
properly addressed and corrected  so the warrior and their family were able to live a relatively healthy life. As well as insuring the utmost
care was being provided by Dept of Defense and Veterans Administration with as little discriminatory actions on these warriors service
records being tarnished..

The basis of the Mal treatment for warriors is a huge concern needing to be addressed, Whether the maltreatment is from medical
Malpractice, and negligence, or if it is something more sinister. Such as clandestine jihadist attacks from others in our US Military who are
like Nidal Hasan. covertly attacking our military using the medical field as their battle ground.
Closing Gitmo is an option to consider over a long term range of ending what politicians have called "The War on Terror". However this
entire problem is a result of something that is much deeper than just civilians who are attacking American citizens and our military. It is
more than just Jihadists seeking to be elevated to the same level as a Warrior.

We must make legal decisions--how to address each case deciding them on an individual basis.Whether the individual should be
considered a military enemy combatant, tried under the military court system, as a global threat of terrorism-- tried in the international
court system, (As was done during the Nuremberg Trials with Adolf Hitler and the Heads of the Nazi Party). In a federal court venue. or
even in the venue of the state courts.

This topic has many layers to it, Each layer must be decided upon by a standard of law that is as unique as the individual case itself.The
discussions we had were based around the Military Commissions Act of 2009, as well. Arguably, This Act violates the US constitution. In
several sections. It too must be revisited and possibly repealed. Along with the Patriot Act. These two laws ultimately show jihadists we may
be fighting for liberty abroad. Yet at the same time, we are being forced by our government to forfeit our God given rights and liberties on
the pretense of promoting "National Security"  This is not the structure the founders of this country intended for our government to be
designed. Constitutionally, we are not to be the police of the world.

I personaly disagree with waterboarding, As did the Commanders. These were actions that were less than wise for intelligence gathering.
in several ways. America obviously has a very sensitive situation. We must design legal measures that will send a clear and powerful
signal to all the foreign combatants, we will not tolerate any attacks on the citizens of our states and the US. And, at the same time still
protect the American citizens God given rights. Though this seem to be a difficult challenge, It is not impossible. And it is the right thing to
do In order for our country to remain a land that strives to allow its people to be "free and independent"; It is not only demanded, it is
morally required. One measure to resolve these problems is obvious.

Sign Resolutions removing the United States out of the United Nations and for the UN to be removed from the United States.

Another is for a full audit conducted on the Federal Reserve.

Tax the Federal reserve for the money they print. Until we can completely get rid of the Federal Reserve.

We also need to focus on how to remove our military presence in other countries and begin focusing on the process of a theory "Charity
first begins at Home" as Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence stated  "We Americans have no commission from
God to police the world"

The meeting ended with each of us being more informed on the tasks ahead for the next Congressional session.  One of the commanders
informed me he liked the name of the political party I belong to The Constitution Party. Where he and several of us pulled out or pocket
size Constitution booklets we brought with us.
Out of the six commanders present my manager Patti gave 5 of brochures with the Constitution Party information, my campaign and
platform as well as news on the States decision to pass HB 245 They also received a copy of the Constitution with forwords from the
Founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence

Earl Lofland