January 23, 2010 I attended a Banquet "Take Back Our State Diner" I was informed to have a speech prepared in the
event one of the guest speakers did not appear. All 5 guest speakers showed up at the banquet. However, I was
prepared to speak if one of the speakers last had not appeared.

However I learned something these past three days.
God moves in the small things.
Never forget this!!
There is a Scripture in the Bible that confirms this.

Deut. 32:30 How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them,
and the LORD had shut them up?

Sunday, after attending the church, my mother and. I had lunch at The Smyrna Diner where we often eat.

the Smyrna Clayton  4th of July Committee was holding a special meeting there while I was there,  discussing having the
lawn mower races return as part of the festivities at the Oldest Fourth of July Festival in the State of Delaware. T
he Smyrna Clayton 4th of July Ceremony. My hometown where I was raised.

I gave the President of the 4th of July Committee my brochure with magnets and business cards. Enough for everyone
seated at the table. Where he stated You're Late! I said What do you mean Sir?
He took the package and looked at the cover and said
You're Late!
I asked me what he ment where he stated
They haven't been doing this for a long time. Your late!
I extended my hand and said exactly Sir!
And he then returned back to the groups table to be seated with his fellow members .

On the cover of the campaign brochure it states.
To Protect and Defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.So Help me God"
The Constitution should be interpreted as the authors originally intended."

I placed nine or so Campaign business cards and magnets in the brochure so he could give each person who was
attending the meeting a business card and refrigerator magnet.

One of the members to arrive a few minutes later was State Senator Mr. Bruce Ennis.
Before going to their table Mr Ennis stopped to our table to talk with mom and I. He was who informed me what the
meeting was all about. He too is a member for the 4th of July Committee.

We haven't been to the Diner for a couple months. However the young lady who was our waitress knows us, and began
discussing some of the problems this country is faced with in between her duties.. (After I gave her a brochure and
magnet telling her I am a Candidate for the US Representative for Delaware). One such issue she expressed needing
to be fixed ; the Government Subsidies programs and the way our government uses tax dollars for charity programs to
other country's and how we have people in this state , (like her family who are struggling and the unemployment

I began explaining to her the Constitution, and how governments role is to be interpreted as being a very limited role,
and not to being the provider for the needs of others.

I warned her,  what I was about to say, some people many disagree with me.

I explained to her the welfare program is broke, The Social Security program is broke. These programs are all bankrupt
and proves government should not be in the business of what the private sector should be doing. Welfare should be
left up to non profit organizations. And not the State or Federal Government. She looked at me, smiled and agreed and  
a little bit surprised look from her that I said this.

She stated that she knows there people abusing the system. And she and her husband are struggling and are unable
to get assistance. Yet others like her are unable to get assistance. I agreed. and said to her .

I can tell you my story of my life.

I was struck by a drunk driver, left on the side of the road for dead. I had to learn how to read write walk and talk again.
Then I had a motorcycle accident that nearly took off my leg. Then a couple years later I had to get a Hip replacement
because I broke my hip again at work that was broken in the previous accidents. ( She looked at me in Total Shock she
didn't know that about me)
I went on and explained to her, I applied for Social Security disability, and they said I could go back to work doing
something else denying me any benefits.
She shook her head in astonishment.

I said. Well here I am, and  I am willing to go back to work.
In Washington DC representing YOU!
Vote for me in Nov. Working for You and the people of Delaware!

She smiled and in a surprising look "That's Right" You go!. I wish you all the best. I invited her and her husband to help,
Be a part of the volunteers only a couple hours a week, passing out brochures making phone calls what ever it takes to
get the word out to others, that  I am Running for Mike Castles current seat in Washington DC.

Something else happened at the Take back our State Diner  Saturday evening .

I listened to the Republican Party Candidate for US Representative Speak and found something interesting.
Parts of his speech was almost word for word what I had written down.
I shared this speech with noone. until that evening with the John the gentleman seated next to me during the speech,
showing Joh my speech I had brought with me (He smiled)

Patti, my Treasurer and I were seated at a table against the back wall.

We arrived at 5:15 PM and the Community Center already was almost at full capacity. We looked for a place to sit, and I
followed Patti over to a table against the back wall. The man who was seated on the opposite side of me (My Left)
owned a catering service. The same catering service who was in charge of serving the food for this banquet. (God puts
you where He wants you. And when He wants you there).

Seated at a table in front of me, was a young lady by the name of Kate.

Kate is the Secretary for US Rep Michael Castle.

I didn't say a word other then modestly walking around with the few brochures I had left (about a dozen)  and about a
hundred Campaign  Magnets. The other Candidates had a large supplies of buttons and other novelty items as well as
brochures to promote their Campaign.

I heard my the caters success story  while sitting there next to him during the diner, Of the Small business he owned,
and him dropping out of school and becoming what he is today. A Business owner of a catering and restaurant.

I leaned over and said to John, I have a 2nd Amendment Trivia Question for you. The others seated next to him smiled
and started to listen in.
Do you know what today is? The three gentlemen thought for a bit and didn't know. I said Today is the Birthday of John
Moses Browning the inventor of the Browning Firearms.
Then I said today is also Tom Carpers birthday.. Well that didn't go over too well
HA HA ha..
A tough crowd of Conservatives I guess...

I shared my campaign. with John and he told me he voted for Chuck Baldwin last election. (Constitution Party

It just so happens that John, this  gentleman seated beside me catered this banquet and is a supporter of the
Constitution Party as well.  

Almost towards the end of the banquet the MC introduced other candidates who were at the banquet. Including myself. I
stood up waved smiled and sat down. Just as the other candidates who were there- who didn't have an opportunity to

Kate the Secretary of Michael Castles office walked over to our table extended her hand smiled and said. Hello. Earl
how are you I have seen you at several of the meetings and rallys. and read your information. I agree with what you say.
I introduced her to Patti the Campaign Treasurer and said thank you..

After the Banquet one of my opponents introduced me to Mr John Clark who is one of he Republican Party leaders for
Delaware . My opponent Mr Kevin Wade (R) (who also was not able to speak) : John, I don't know if you know Earl
Lofland or not, he is a conservative and running for US Rep under the Constitution Party as well.

Mr Clark:
No, I have not met him before, but I have now. And I will listen to anyone who is a conservative. I handed him a brochure
and explained a little about my campaign platform
The three of us spoke for several minutes on some issues taking place. where I excused myself to go meet with a
couple other people before I left.

I didn't not have an opportunity to speak on the stage. But God showed me something..
God will do a lot with a very little.

Christine O'Donnell has not officially announced she is running for the office of US Senator. she wants to have 100 K in
her war chest first. And expressed last night she is half way there.
I announced my candidacy with  only $50.00 in my war chest.

I have seen over and over again, when I was in need of funds for the campaign, just in time God would provide
someone who would contribute to the campaign. 100.00, 25.00, 200.00, what ever I have not even reached having a
total of $1000.00 donated in my war chest since I began my campaign. And I started the campaign a few short weeks

Last evening as I walked around to the tables of 250 or so guests before the MC announced my name as another
Candidate there at the banquet. I notices about half of the people have seen me and have known I am a candidate.
And now everyone there knows my face and the Constitution Party has a candidate for U.S Representative.

I tell everyone I make it a point to be accessible to everyone.
I have been invited to speak at the Delaware Patriots meeting on the 15th of Feb.

One of the guests last evening asked Christine O'Donnell two questions after her speech.

1) "I support you and have contributed to your campaign. When will you officially announce you are running for office
(her answer was the 100,000.00 Goal).

2) People in Sussex County have not heard from you. You need to make yourself known down here. When are you
going to come down to Sussex County and Make yourself Known to us?

Again God has been showing his awesome wisdom in all things.
I started working the Sussex Country and Kent County area first.

Two evenings ago I attended  the Rail Splitters meeting in New Castle County (NCCo)
My first real appearance to conservatives in the NCCo area as an official Candidate. People in NCCO know me, but
they don't know I am a candidate (Yet) and I am needing people there to help.

Diane Hernandez one of the leaders of Smart Girl Politics was at the Rail Splitters meeting and at last evenings
Banquet. Both times she not only expressed an interest and supportive of  my views, but offered to personally help my
campaign she also introduced me to someone new each time.

And Face to face. One by one. With One person knowing Ten people and and Ten people knowing 100
Deut. 32:30 3How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them,
and the LORD had shut them up?

I will make myself available I give my Cell phone number to them, and invite them to call me and ask me questions. I may
not have the answer they will like. But I won't compromise on my values.

And many maybe 95% of the people I have spoken to have said you know your history. You are a constituitionalist! And
they like what I say Some are Conservative Republicans. Some Are Democrats Some are Independents. And I tell
I had one question asked me the other evening. You know you are going to have a tough battle with Mr Cullis and Mr
Wade. If either of them win would you support the Republican Party?
My answer
When I took the oath when I enlisted in the Marine Corps was to protect and defend the Costitution. It was not an oath
to a man or a political party. If they will uphold that oath. I will stand arm to arm with them I don't care what party they
belong to. But, If they have a problem with the Constitution and Defending it? They will have a problem with me. And I
swore to defend it at all costs! Even my life! The look I got was of shock. But I went on and expressed it is not a battle of
guns and bayonets it is a battle of truth and deception and I will make it my point to make others aware of the problem!

It was humbling to have people compliment not only me but to walk over to my mother that evening at the Rail Splitters
meeting and thank her for raising me.
And when someone, from all states Mass. suggested I run for office. I never would have thought a year ago I would be
doing what I am doing today.

I would much rather be riding my Harley helping people in need. Drink my coffee, maybe even watch the Old Bugs
Bunny  Road Runner Fog Horn Leghorn and Wile E Coyote Cartoons Going Fishing and of course worshiping My
However. The Country I live is needing someone to answer a call . I was asked and even today praying for God to send
someone else if it is His Will. But humbly  doing that what I know in my spirit is morally right. Not politically correct. or
even Safe. knowing that evil people are in this world, This cost me my very life.

The funny thing .

I have had people over and over again notice how tall I am, and that with my beard I look like Abe Lincloln and Need a
Top hat.  

Just yesterday someone called Patti,  and stated not only that I needed a Top Hat, but that I need to Ride my Harley
over to DC when I take the oath of office.. He didn't know, that this has been my plan. To ride over on my Motorcycle
wearing my Leather Jacket and my Biker Attire  and having fellow members of the Sons of Liberty Riders, Rolling
Thunder members and Patriot Guard Riders attend  the ceremony Sending a clear resounding message from those
who have sacrificed for this country, to the establishment. The People have Spoken.

So now I guess I need to go to a vintage store or a second hand store or find someone to donate a Top Hat.

Earl Lofland