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By Earl R. Lofland Oct. 30 2009

Transparancy Is A Two edged sword.

It appears politicians and their speach writers have found a new word to add to  their volacular. Transparancy.

Decades ago, there was show aired staring Groucho Marx, titled You Bet Your Life. On this show a certain segment
was devoted to "Secret Word of the day" where a sign would come down from the ceiling with a new word for the
contestants to guess that word in a series of questions.
The American public has been handed the Governements definition of transparancy. Meaning it only is transparent to
those we select it to be.

Democrats have decided to "hand pick" who they would have attend the unveiling for the newest rendition of the
health Care Reform bill.

The audience included Hill staffers, union workers, health care providers and students, which would expand
insurance coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans, Congressional Budget Office said the cost of additional
coverage alone was slightly more than $1 trillion over a decade. But that omitted other items, including billions for
disease prevention programs, The bill  is longer then the Torah it has been predicted this will be the deciding factor
on whether or not new jobs will actually be created or saved by top economists, due to the cost that will be incured on
busineses and their ability to meet the other overhead costs required for operating their businesses.

. "It will raise the cost of Americans' health insurance premiums, it will kill jobs with tax hikes and new mandates, and it
will cut seniors' Medicare benefits," said the party's leader in the House, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio.

The Senate Finance Committee's version does not include a tax surcharge on the wealthy, instead imposes a new tax
on high-end health care policies, dubbed "Cadillac plans" by critics.

Many House Democrats adamantly have been opposed to taxing such policies, arguing such a move will hurt union
members who traded higher salaries for more generous benefits.

The Democratic leadership in the House intends to have  the text of the final bill online early next week with a time
table of  72 hours to read the 1990 pages  before it will come up for a vote.

This recent action by the House is nothing more then proof of an out of control government that has refused to
uphold the promises of transparancy to the american public.

In the House, one issue remaining to be resolved among House Democrats is the final abortion language in the bill.
Which should be the concern of every tax payer. This one measure alone causes for a debate on weather it will be
violating the 1st Amendment rights of the american public who hold to values of the federal governments role in
paying for abortion costs.

There are other risks that need to be addressed as well, expenses incurred within health care bill, according to House
Republicans. the bill would force the government into financial oblilgations of a huge magnitude that will result due to  
Medicare's hospital trust fund projected to run out of money within eight years.

Instead of listening to the American people," Boehner said, "Democrats hid behind closed doors and came back with
a bill designed to appease the liberal special interests."

Opposition from the insurance industry and from many business groups have resulted as well. ten have wrote a letter
to lawmakers Thursday stating the legislation "falls short of the bipartisan goal of controlling costs and jeopardizes
employer-sponsored coverage."

According to a report published in  St Louis Today
The Senate is expected to begin debate within two weeks on a bill crafted by Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Like
the House bill, it too, envisions a government-run insurance option, although states could opt out. That portion of the
Senate version appears likely to be weakened even further, as moderate Democrats press for a standby system that
would not take effect until it was clear individual states were experiencing a lack of competition among private