Here's putting my 2 cents in .                                                                 And raising  another 3 cents  

By Earl Lofland February 27 2010

February 25,2010  Kent County Campaign for Liberty permitted me to give a presentation. It stareted with
a show passing around an 1864 two cent piece, to show the attendees a little bit of American history. I
also brought an 1865 three cent Nickel.
Part of my presentation was based on returning back to a Constitutional currency. Coinage.

Last evening Delaware's Founders Values was to hold a meeting where candidates were expected to
attend. However, due to the weather, the meeting was postponed.
I was planning to take the same coins to this meeting for a short presentation. However, since the meeting
was postponed. I will present the presentation here in a blog.

Above are photos of a two cent piece and III Cent Piece. The III cent piece is dated 1865. This is the same
year the War Between the States ended. It is also the year Major General Ambrose P. Hill was Killed In
Action (April 2, 1865) and just 13 days later Abraham Lincoln died.
I enjoy playing cards. One of the games I enjoy is Poker. The Elections and Campaigning  in Delaware are
like a game of poker. Texas Hold ‘em has been the popular game for a while. However I like playing Draw
Poker with 8's and A's as wild cards. (These were the cards that Wild Bill Hickcok was holding when he
was murdered

Everyone is seated at the table to play the election game like any good game of poker, The game is
normally played by two experienced parties. I  decided to come to the table and play in this game.
However the State of Delaware's Law makers decided within 2 weeks of my campaign and my Political
Action Campaign being issues our ID, they would change the rules to the game.
Everyone else in the Two major parties are allowed to play by the same rules, as before but, I have been
handicapped  after I receieved my cards and put in up the ante. I am allowed to use only the ace and
eight of spades as my wild cards. and Instead of being given the opportunity to draw I have to play the
hand I have or forfeit my ante and quit the game.
While everyone else at the table is still able to use all the aces and eights and are still able to play by the
rules of Draw Poke and using all Aces and Eights as the wildcards.

This is what Jack Markell just signed into law and was passed by all members of the States Legislature,
(excluding Senators Mr. Colin Bonini who was absent and Mr. Gary F. Simpson who voted No) Democrat
Governor Jack Markell also decided that the Constitutional Rights of minor parties are not important.
And His Chief Strategy Officer Mr Salender also says that it is  no big issue for voters to be concerned

This  law has drastically affected the elections this year, forcing a minority party to be handicapped in the
middle of the game where we are now required to double party membership in Delaware, otherwise the
Constitution Party cannot play their game. and will no longer be recognized by the State of Delaware
Election Commission.
Ante in my 2 Cents and Raised another III Cent Liberty