UD's winter enrollment down by 400 Study-abroad trips also affected by recession; some are canceled

State of DELAWARE facing an extra $200 million deficit, largest in the country by far percentage wise


  1. Enrollment in the University of Delaware's 2010 winter session is down slightly from last year, a trend that
    officials suspect reflects students and their families trying to cut costs in the midst of the recession.
  2. As of last week, about 7,700 students were registered for the optional, five-week academic session.
  3. At this time last year, 8,100 students had signed up, and 8,350 were registered by the end of December
    2008, said Allan Fanjoy, administrator of special sessions at UD.
  4. "You don't know why somebody doesn't apply for something, they just don't apply," said Lisa Chieffo,
    associate director of student programs at UD's Institute for Global Studies.
  5. Economic Professor James Butkiewicz said...the recession is the challenge of keeping [study abroad] costs
    manageable when the value of the U.S. dollar overseas is relatively weak.
  6. Butkiewicz said. "We took a group over in 2002 when the dollar was at a period of relative strength and
    everything was much less costly, much less expensive to organize and plan for students than it is now."


  1. College is overpriced across the board and UD is one of the biggest culprits.
  2. Lisa Chieffo, associate director of student programs at UD's Institute for Global Studies said "You don't know
    why somebody does'nt sign up for something. They just don't".  an Administrator of an institution of higher
    learning?.... as she was popping her gum and twirling her blonde hair I suspect....
  3. "The Falling Dollar". What a Concept!!! "Keyn'" it be possible it's a result of Keynesian Economics?
  4. Lets reflect back to 2002 shall we? Actually on year prior. Remember 2001, to better digest the problems and
    the see how to fix the problems.
  5. Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
  6. Who supported that legislation? Congresss and the REPUBLICAN Majority!
  7. Jump ahead 2 more years. The same Act for 2003. What was the argument for passing Both of Bills?           
    To Stimulate the economy and reverse the rising unemployment rates. Correct?
  8. Both of these bills were Republican Keynesian economics Theory hard at work
  9. The Republican parties Economic Waterloo. A Deficit. Combined with an continued escalation in
    unemployment rates since 2001
  10. Now, jump to the Stimulus Bill passed this year. Who supported this? DEMOCRATS!
  11. Saying it would Stimulate the Economy and put a curb to the rising unemployment rate? Where Did we hear
    that one ??? 2001 with the EGTRRA
  12. Delaware had a Governor in 2000 who made this promise to the states voters. when the Unemployment was
    at 3.2% Want to guess who that was? TOM CARPER and is Lt. Gov Ruth Ann Miner!
  13. Guess what the States Unemployment numbers are now? 8.5% Dec 18 According to the BLS reports And
    they never Decreased!!
  14. Democrat Keynesian economic Theory didn't work under Gov. Carpers Watch. Under Gov. Miners Watch.
    and It isn't working under Gov. Markells Watch!
  15. Keynesian economic Theory didn't work during the Johnson years. The Nixon years , The Carter years,
    The Reagan years (thus why Paul Volcker was fired by Ronald Reagan). It didn't work under the George HW.
    Bush years
  16. And it didn't work under the Clinton years.
  17. 107th, 108th,110th Congress sessions, many of both parties supported this theory.
  18. And, it is not still is not working under the 111th Congress
  19. That is 40 Years of a Faile Theory!!!


State of DELAWARE facing an extra $200 million deficit, largest in the country by far percentage wise  latest
information is that the deficit facing Gov. Jack Markell will be going to $800 million, more than 25 percent of the total
state budget. This comes from the same person in state government circles who told Ron Williams , when the deficit
was reported at $300 million, that it would go to $600. The latest figures is $606 million. Watch for it to climb soon.
The next DEFAC report will be in March.

Ron Williams is the assistant editor of the New Journal editorial pages, is a twice weekly columnist and editorial
writer. And, Delaware native.
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