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By Earl R. Lofland,

Oct 27, 2009

The last time Barack Obama visited Florida was last February. America's biggest battleground states unemployment
rate was almost two points lower. His approval rating  was 20 points higher. He was in Fort Myers at that time, touting
the $787 billion stimulus package, and how it was going to save or create jobs for the state. This week, he visited a
new solar energy plant nearTampa, and probably wishing for a way to prove there is Political warming over Global

Americans have been hearing about stimulus money that will go to build Green Jobs such as windfarming.
In Delaware there is one business venture needing to be given some very specail attention, and a thorough
investigation, with several questions answered by state officals regarding the contractor assigned for erecting the
offshore windfarms  Bluewater Wind. Who is Bluewater wind? Who owns this company? And more hard questions I will

According to the Bluewater Wind website, it is a Babcock and Brown Company. While attending the last town hall
meeting in Middletown, DE with Gov Markell  about two weeks ago, I had questions to ask about the company. that
should be a concern to all American voters. After reading this, You can determine for yourself why the answers are
being avoided like the black plague.

The Babcock and Brown Company is an Australian - New Zealand Company. This should be the first of a series of
warning signs regarding the promises to Delawareans and Americans all over on this project is to create or save jobs
for Americans. Babcock and Brown Co. is an off shore business being advertised by the State of Delaware's
Department of Economic Development and State of Delaware officials to promote political promises to generate new
jobs for Delawareans. In the early 1990's a simular promise was made to Delawareans by a candidate for the U.S.
Senate Candidate Mr.Tom Carper and other state officials running for office. With a promise of creating or saving
Delaware Jobs. with the Roth Bridge that was planned to be built-crossing the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in
New Castle County, Although what hapened instead; the contract to build the span went to an offshore company that
was not a Delaware construction company, and most of the employees were not Delaware residents. Instead,  the
construction company relocated their employees from another state.  When the contract was completed,.the company
also left the state of Delaware. and laid off the small handful of Delaware residents it hired. A promises broken by Mr
Carper and the Delaware officials to many supporters for their election campaigns.

When you look on the Babcock and Brown Company website, there are several notices published
The appointment of liquidators to Babcock & Brown Limited is not expected to have any material impact Babcock &
Brown International Pty Ltd (BBIPL

The company also published a notice that shares of Babcock & Brown have been delisted.
The Australian and New Zealand listed subordinated notes have been delisted"

This is a company that is contracted, by the State of Delaware, the States elected officials, including the Governor
who is assuring taxpayers  this project will either save or creat jobs for Delawareans and is being depended upon to
fulfill a commitment to the Government. A contract with the Government, when the Australian and New  Zealand Stock
markets  (Where the company is headquarted), has delisted their stocks. This alone should have those in authority
concerned as well as taxpayers.

I contacted officials in the Department of Economic Development, and elected officials, asking about this problem. No
logical answer was given- why a failing foreign owned business is being used to promise taxpayers new jobs.

During the Town Hall meeting, Delawareans were also let down by hard questons not being answered related to this
topic and other important issues related states  annual budget, debt, and the rise in unemployment levels. The State
and Federal govrnments promises to create or save jobs in Delaware and in the United States, As promised back in
Febuary by Mr Obama with the passing of the Stimulus Bill.

No opportunity was given, to ask just one question related to this particular subject Mr Markell opened. his evenings
meeting with. Green Jobs and Windfarming.

Before you think: Maybe there was a good reason for not being able to inquire on this topic:

Whenever I would raise my hand to be selected; On at least 3 occassions Governor Markell would select the same
people each time who would aske quesitons, or make suggestions that had no relevance to the points of discussion
in the opening platform Mr Markell Made.

When people began to  ask hard questions. Relevant questions related to the topics Mr Markell initiated in his
opening speech. He abandoned the ship. Saying: "It was nice talking to you this evening, Thanks for coming out. but,
I have to leave now. I will leave you with the state senators to answer your quesitons." I kid you not!
The Govorner of Delaware decided not olnly to abandon the issues. He even abandoned his friends and fellow
democrats, State Senators, Bruce Ennis, Bethany Hall-Long, and House member Mr Carthright.. Not only Leaving
them to close the meeting, Yet, Leaving  a half hour early (another promise unfulfilled). Stating in the notice mailed
out to everyone; He would be in the Town Hall meeting (7:00- 9:30)

The only disruption that evening was after Governor Markell had left, was from Mr Carthright himself, whre tried to talk
down to one of the attendees and one of the voters in his district when she explained a problem with illegal
immigrantion and a problem she experienced at the Deptartment of Motor Vehicle.

As for my own objectives goals and visionsL
Would I like to see unemployment rates reduced? Yes.
Do I encourage alternative energy? Yes.
Do I like the idea of  Off shore Windfarms and an altternative resource for energy? Yes, As long as the project is
actually creating new American Owned business,reducing the risks of wasting tax dollars. and encouraging
responsiblity and safe work environments.

I will work on ways when in office to allow small businesses to be created and thrive responsibly. Without big
government creating another government subsidized program. Which like other programs have failed in doing what
they were intended to do. Programs like Cash For Clunkers is one of the most recent. Welfare, Social Security
Federal Spending. As well as promises of controlled spending and ending Government corruption.

By the government contracting a company that has been delisted by their own nations stock market is not good
business strategy.

There would be less risk  for an american citizen who has never owned a company before to start a general
contracting company, and assigned the contract to build the windfarms. Compared to the level of risks in a foriegn
owned company who has so much debt, and a history of bad management, they show an imminent danger ahead.
Needing additonal financial assistance from the U.S.Government and American taxpyer to fullfill their contractual

This type of irresponsible activity by elected officials can best be reflected by something one of the delegates of the
2nd Continental Congress once stated:
The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in
the legislative, executive, or judicial branches "
-John Witherspoon

Whenever those in authority do not hold on to this belief it causes the decline in confidence of the people in who is in
authority over them. and ultimately allows for the destruction of  the very fabric for which our nation was founded