Those who have been around me, know my accuracy on calculating trends and predictions

For over two years, my analysis of events has proven to show high percentages of accuracy, as much as 98%  

Delawareans and people across the country has listened to the news on Christine O'Donnell and her victory in the
Delaware Primary elections.  viewpoints of this phenomenon and what the Established Two Party system is now
titling the "Peasant Revolt" in mockery of what has been called "The Peoples Revolt against the Established Two
party government system in America today"

I congratulate Christine and all the hard work that paid off in her success of winning the Republican Primary.

What is not being discussed though , are the None of the Above Votes by Delawareans and how it played out in
the Polls by the voter turnout.

Voter participation and voter interest ratio

This factor is a crucial indicator to inspect for what will be likely to happen in November for the General Elections.

I  will be addressing that in the message,And the Conclusion of the findings.

When everyone in the established political parties are either is reeling in the celebration of victory, or licking their
wounds, "bean counters" Analysts are calculating what is in store for November elections.

I am one of those "Bean Counters"

There are a total of 182,989  registered Republicans in the State of Delaware

According to the Dept of Elections results for the Primary election in Delaware 1,370 Republican voters voted for
the US Senate Candidate. Yet they Cast a" None of the Above" vote  for the Congressional Candidates  

Delaware's US Senate candidates received 57,582 votes and Delaware's US House candidates 56,212 Votes

In Wilmington nearly a third of the votes went to Mike Castle with Christine gaining but 444 votes to 1350 for
Castle a twenty four percent lead for Castle.

Rural New Castle Castle took 15,541 to Crishtins 11,925 That is 13 percent for Castle of the totlal votes

194,504 are registered in New Castle County as Republican which is 15% of NCCo  Cast Said None of the Above

In Kent  The differential was 63 Percent lead, a little over a 2;1 Ratio for O'Donnell of the 9,669 Voters who turned

In Sussex County  O'Donnels lead was 64% of the 18,653. Out  of 182,989 R members in Delaware only 57,582
actually voted for the US Senate Seat. That is a  3.17:1 Ratio  little over a third of the total Republican Voters who
thought this was not  important enough to vote. Or where  casting a NONE OF THE ABOVE VOTE for any
Repbulican Candidates

As for the Democrat offices, and the voter turnout

There are 292,720 Registered Democrat voters in Delaware,  37,726 Democrats turned out to vote in their
primary . This is a 7:1 ratio of Democrats who decided  "None of the Above" for any of the their candidates.
seeking office this election.

In 2008 28% of the Democrat voters turned out to vote. 81,961 voters of 292,720 D in Delaware

These also are indicators for what will most likely take place in November.

There are a total of 621,909 voters in Delaware 146,200 are "Other", either unaffiliated or an alternate party

This is slighty under the number of voters registered as Republican

Of the number of Alternate party members the majority are either Unaffiliated 139,716 and the next largest number
of Alternate affiliates are  Independents 1,915

Anti-establishment candidates score victories according to the media networks

If you are a Registered Independent voter , Your Congressional  candidate is Earl Lofland and your US Senate
Candidate is Glen Miller Please conatct the Indpendent Party of Delaware at or one of the
following Independent Party Candidates on houw you can help Restore America

US Senate
Glenn Miller Email Glenn here  

US Congress
Earl Lofland  Email Earl here

Attorney General Doug Campbell

New Castle County Sheriff
Joseph O'Leary  Email Joesph here