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By Earl R. Lofland Oct. 30 2009

Heee Yaa Haw Ride Um Donkaphat.. (Oh No - There Goes Another Rino)

How many of you have you been watching NY 23rd US Congress Race ?
The Race was being bet on by the Repulbican party for Dede Scozzafava $900,000.00 was forked into her campaign.
That is almost a Million Dollars they bet on a liberal republican. A RINO. Now, She has abandoned ship, and with out
even a supporting word for a real conservative, Mr Hoffman. Who is a 3rd party candidate, battling a Liberal
Democart Mr. Owens. (Theres your first Sign)

So now she is out of the race the Republican Party has a lot of Elephant-Rino dung they will be cleaning up for a
while.The NRCC–along with House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-
Va.)— all tossed in their backing to Scozzafava, grassroots conservatives revolted against the GOP nominee though,
based on the fact she is too liberal for them to support. There's youre Second Sign

Some of the republicans told conservatives not to donate to the NRCC in protest of the polarizing decision to back
Scozzafava .

Another sign that the GOP establishment is recalibrating its approach toward the contentious New York special
election and the Conservative Party:

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said Thursday,

“He (Hoffman) would be very welcome, with open arms,” told to POLITICO in an interview off the House floor.

On Thursday afternoon, Sessions appeared to tacitly acknowledge that Hoffman may represent the GOP’s best
chance to keep the Republican-held seat from being picked up by a Democrat. Get it? Now, a Conservative is being
invited to play with the Elephant, by recognizing Hoffman as their only hope as a "Conservative" BTW. Mr In case
Sessions and others haven't figured it out yet? He is a member of a 3rd party. The "CONSERVATIVE PARTY"

Although, what has the most impacting statement: All that money that was vested for a Rino over a real conservative
will backlash into this election.
Especialli if a Democart wins this election. It will show a clear signal to the RNC NRCC and NRSC that the Real True
Conservative Republicans are showing support based upon their conscience and not the party lines. or Say No To

Now, my last discussion I posted here, I was going to go into how the Rinos infiltrated the Republican Party, and they
are no different then the Liberal democrats. Want to know why Palin is still being slammed? She is a True
Conservative that the Republican party has all but forgotten to inform they are no longer part of.
The Rinos threw her something that she thought may be good and found that the Donkapant (two party one member
system) only tossed her under a bus covertly. The Beltway knew very well that McCain would not win. And the Super
Delgates made sure of that! And when Palin come on board as McCains VP it was nothing more then a Political
Rocky Horor Rino show.

HEEE YA HAW!! YEA! Ride um Donkaphats!!!
Ok, So I am being cynical.

Ok, I am old skool, I remember NASCAR before it was all the colorful cars the Perrty Girls and Champaign bottles. It
was Rebel Flags Moon shine runners and Real Redneck Girls. Give a Hell Yea for the good ole days.

My cousin raced at the same track in NC against Ralph Earnhardt. If you are old enough and were in that era you will
have known of a Jr. Dove. That was my Cousin!

What we see today in the NASCAR races is big dollars and just how the political races are today. Glitter and Glam
kiss the baby and Thank ya Mam! It used to be dirt tracks, grit your teeth Grab the wheel white knuckle racine Grim
from the Dirt slinging give it the gas and go racing that even the crowds got to come one with the memory. Dirt slung
off the track and on them too.. Now it is about who is able to get the most money build the pretty paint scheme. Look
the best in that race suit. on Pit Row. Back when I was a young lad, the races were started at Darlington with a
Donkey Race first. Then the big show. the drivers like Richard Petty, and Ralph Earnhardt. Buddy Pearson Fireball
Roberts. That was racing friends. and politics today is the same way.

So, here comes what my dad used to say, and grand daddy's and all too. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck ....
It must be a duck? Well
Meet another Rino

And so you are aware of the facts.
Watch carefully Hannity, and Greta and the Fox Media they are putting this one up on the soap box for the RINO 12
elections for President under the Republican Party.

It doesn't matter if Ron Paul, Fred Thomas. Huckabee even if someone like John Carter, or Demint were to toss their
name in. Gingrich is getting the media coverage now to set the super delegate polls up for his primary to be the one
that Americans will have to choose the worse of two evils from.

I hope I am wrong.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is warning conservative activists that their support for a third-party candidate in
a key upcoming New York special election is a “mistake.”