A Warning against Complacancy Towards Compassionate Conservatives

Though the republican party is pleased with the outcome of this election, the battle is not over.

One month after the September 11th attacks, Scott Brown was one of only three Massachusetts State
Representatives to vote against a bill providing financial assistance to Red Cross volunteers assigned to the 9/11
recovery efforts.
October 17th, 2001, Brown voted against a bill that would authorize leaves of absence for certain Red Cross
employees participating in Red Cross emergencies; Eric Fehrnstrom Scott Brown's spokesman justified the vote
based upon the state’s fiscal budget problems... “At the time, the state was in a fiscal crisis and facing a deficit,
and there was no money to spend on additional pay and benefits for state employees”

At a campaign rally today in Hyannis, ThinkProgress caught up with Brown to ask why he voted against the
measure: Scott Browns answer was: “Yes, it was a time when our budget was down. We had a lot of cuts
unfortunately, and we had to take care of our own priorities first.” ; During the same month though Scott Brown
was  pushing a bill to appropriate a tax-subsidized bond to build a golf course in Norfolk, a city in his district.  It
appears that a golf course was more important then the  Red Cross volunteers who rushed to the site of the twin
towers after the terror attack.

According to Scott Browns Web Site he has several individuals who endorses him
The Mass. State Police Association who openly expressed Mr. Brown had been an advocate in Public Safety.
Where Mr. Brown expressed he believes in a strong Police body and Military force  with security around the world.

Though our country must be eager to protect the country from enemies. We also must be concerned with how
much intervention our government does that will further destroy any opportunity of diplomacy with other country’s
without  showing weakness. We must first and foremost seek ways to secure our own borders and  address the
issues of terrorism that is here within our own country. Even that is within our very military.

Scott has expressed to the voters in MA he is all for fiscal responsibility and transparency. Some other comments
that voters have  made is that  they look for a person who will hold fundamental family values along with ensuring
that our nation s sovereignty is protected.  They also have confidence that he also stands for not being in debt to
other nations. The voters are also believing that he is for reducing taxes and providing ways to encourage small
business to flourish in America.
One of the main reasons that individuals in his state voted for him was because they are opposed to the Current
Health Care Bill and are looking for a way to put a stop to the madness going on in Washington.
Individuals who support Scott are also  concerned with big government and  a part of the Tea Party Movement that
has been taking place all across these United States (that is plural).

All these ideals that the general public who support Scott Brown are fundamental values that are  the basis for
what the Constitution calls for. A limited Constitutional government. Fiscal budget with  small business owners to
have  an opportunity of  being able to flourish. And providing for our nations ability to hold no allegiance  or
dependant upon other nations for our economic prosperity and energy resources.

One of the biggest concerns is Afghanistan and the troop buildup. Where Mr Brown has shown support of troop
buildup it is not clear on whether or not he would agree that the biggest threats that we have today are not in
Afghanistan but right here on US Soil were America needs to focus its objectives in removing known terrorist cells
who are either affiliated with radical Islam, and  foreign gangs such as MR 13 the Zoe Pound and others. Who
pose a direct threat to the infrastructure of  our economy and security.

This is were the State police Association shows a possibility for his support t for such measures.
One of his other supporters is John McCain. This raises some very controversial questions as to what his views on
global expansionism. Mr. McCain has clearly shown a lack in supporting agendas that would protect our borders
and has often times shown his support for gun control. Having such a person as Mr. McCain endorse him raises
the questions of whether or not he is going to be any different then Mr. McCain has been in the US Senate.  One
of the other factors to consider is Mr Scott Brown has openly agreed that the 911 reports were accurate, despite
the facts that even some of the emergency workers who were from his state , who had not had their statements
introduced in the hearings.
Does all this suggest that  I would endorse  Mr. Brown? Or that I would have supported his opponent?
I would have much rather seen a member of the Constitution Party seeking the seat of US Senator for MA
However, this was not the case.  This election clearly sent a  resounding message to the Democratic Party. In the
upcoming year there will be other seats that are at risk of being lost by Democrats in the 2010 election. One such
seat is the same seat that Barrak Obama held in Illinois.

The Constitution Party has initiated a campaign to obtain 50,000 signatures from the states voters.  

I am concerned about this election in MA, even though a republican was seated. This should not have the
American Public trusting  Mr. Brown will reflect the Fundamental Limited Government Principles as the authors of
the Constitution intended for those in Washington to hold. Keep in mind Mr. McCain and Rudolf Guiliani endorsed
this man. He also opposed giving aid to workers from his state who were at Ground Zero working as emergency
aids. He also agreed the 911 reports were accurate.
I am not saying that he will prevent the health care bill from being passed. And I am not saying that this is not a
clear and resounding message to Washington and each state- the people of the United State are tired of Big
Government. and power grabs. that are supported by lobbyists and special interest groups. instead of the people.
Democrats now see this election and the NJ Elections as a clear and present dangers. And they will be thinking
about whether or not to vote in favor of this health care bill at the risk of loosing their coveted cushy positions in
How ever... There are some problems that we as American voters face that are not answered directly by Mr.
Brown. Only indirectly. And that is not an affirmative answer as to where he stands.
Border security .. McCain has time and time again voted against tighter boarder security. Does this suggest Mr
Brown will also vote in favor of his friend who endorsed him? Gun Control; McCain has a poor record of protecting
the 2nd amendment. What is Mr Browns position on that? He supports Public Safety and was endorsed by the MA
State Troopers Association. However, what is his position on the Threats of Hamas and Radical Islam that has
infiltrated even our military and the problems with MR 13? The terrorist camps that are set up with Radical Islam
right here in the US?
What is his views about actual limited government? Vs. Progressive limited Government? Progressive
Government, no matter if it is full steam ahead as the liberals hold or is gradual. It is still progressive Government
Politics Pragmatic Politics. America needs individuals in office who will advocate Constitutional Limited
Government. and exercising the roles of government that follow Art I section 8 as the authors intended!
And Mr. McCain along with Mr Castle in Delaware and others, are Progressive moderates. AKA Rinos. NeoCons.
Compassionate Conservatives as Geo W Bush so arrogantly put it. A liberal in a conservative coat is all.

And we do not need another McCain in office. We don't need another Arlen Spector in office. No more then we
need a Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid! or even Ben Nelson and Barney Frank! They have shown over and over
again, they are equally as liberal as the other on many issues.
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