The Tea Party vs. Two Party's
They just don’t get it, what’s new?
“Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from
which they draw their gains” -Thomas Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford, 1814. ME 14:119
For Decades, Americas politicians have meddled in the affairs of commerce With the Federal Reserve being
giveng the authority to sell treasury notes to foreign countries, American merchants have sold weapons and
military technology to other nations.
When we have a Centralized Bank that sells Treasury notes to ohter country's and the government which
borrows from that same corrupt banking cartel it leads to a weakened country.


Earl Lofland February 10, 2010

Constitutional Conservatism does not interest most merchants in fact most merchants detest the Constitution.
The Moral virtues the authors of the Constitution held and expressed in the Constitutions were never intended
for the merchants’. It was given to the American Citizen, each individual voter.  And it was expressed by the
author’s, it was up to you, me, and the hundreds of millions of American Citizens to organize together as a group
of concerned American Citizens, to be vanguards against tyranny. Marxism, Kleptocratic ,Totalitarian forms of

Tea Party’s taking place today across America is so much different than the Two Party’s  we have had for
decades , and has gained such momentum neither political party can comprehend what it is about, and have no
idea how to use it to benefit the two party platforms.

(Yes the two party system battles to say alive and squash the rights of American voters)

Today in the Washington Times, there is an article titled
Would The Gipper like the Tea Party
There is another article as well that I have not seen many people discuss.
Chinese see U.S. debt as weapon in Taiwan dispute
The First article discussed Family feuds of two brothers and like the Republican Party for the most part, they
don't get what the Tea Party is all about. The principles outdates the Republican Party. It also outdates the
Democrat Party as well.
Both Party’s have assigned people to get in the Tea Party movement.
The Republican Party has advisors working overtime on how they can join in on a movement that was for the
most part created not by the staunch Republicans. Individuals seen a problem in government with both political
partys’ And true conservative values were not being given proper credence. They also have had their full share
of both party’s having corruption within their ranks, steering the country away from the Morals of what is called
Constitutional Conservative Values.
Both Democrats and Republicans appeasing American voters, with a variety of programs, while attempting to
cover up their corrupt actions, bringing bigger government, Higher Taxes, (or at very least additional ways for the
American Voter to be taxed). Government intervention in the private sector,

(And yes, Reagan had his hands in the cookie jar too! with Bailouts).

Reagan made one of the greatest blunders in constitutional conservatives in the history of the presidency, where
he approved a $165 billion bailout of Social Security. Among some of the many ways he decided to do this was
with the Railroad private retirement funds. Taking the employees personal investments in a private fund and
used it for Social Security. Other actions Reagan and Congress too was dramatically increasing payroll taxes on
employees and employers, which brought a new class of recipients--Bigger Government with adding additional
federal workers into the system, and, for the first time, this bailout required a tax on Social Security benefits
something that would make the most liberal politician proud.
The bailout was a smack in the face of conservative ideology. Republicans at that time decided to have nothing
to do with the Republican Party and became Independents. However Mr. Reagan was not the first to practice
Government Intervention and steer the country away from the morals of the founding fathers.

•        Jimmy Carter and Congress were responsible for bailing out Chrysler.
•        Richard Nixon and Congress decided it was a good idea to interfere with the Private sector by bailing out
Pennsylvania Railroad. Instead of allowing the Anti Trust Laws and another business have its chance at making it
or breaking with Pennsylvania Railroad.

The reasoning for Congress to take these bailout measures was based upon nobody wanted to buy the failing
Railroad, It was undervalued and overpriced. And the great dream of the Centralized Banking Cartel, Forcing the
American voter and the American Government to borrow beyond their means was too big to let fail. It risked
exposing the corruption that was walking within the halls of Congress and  being found in offices as high up as
the White House.

They knew there would be voters who would organize and begin what happened at the beginning of this country.
Revolts and Tea Party’s

This is not the only problems Americans face though.
A Central banking system which sells US Treasury Notes to foreign Countries, and uses the Notes as leverage to
borrow money for the extravagant Big Government programs has not been able to be afforded for decades. All
an attempt to keep American voters appeased  and allow Business as usual in Congress and the White House.
Run by individuals like
1.        Paul Volker
2.        Tim Geithner
3.        Allen Greenspan
4.        Ben Bernanke
5.        John Paulson
And others who were on the Board of Governors for the FED, dating as far back as its inception with each
member of the Board of Governors, and those who have decided to partake in their buggery of the American
Former Members who are deserving of Treason Charges and High Crimes against the people of the United
States Includes;

1.        G William Miller
2.         Author Burns
3.         William McChesney Martin,Jr
4.        Thomas McCabe
5.        Marriner Stoddard Eccles
6.         Eugene Black
7.         Eugene Meyer
(Eugene Meyer later became first head of the World Bank ). And these had the plans. To selloff the sovereignty
of our country piece by piece to the One World Government Plan.

Merchant lusts and the elected officials unconstitutional affairs in their plots of Globalization, the American voter
was dragged into a police action in Vietnam with no intentions to win. The American tax payer was burdened with
a huge debt, paid with blood of those who served in our military, and the lives of all American families with higher
With merchants and elected officials being strange bed fellows together. Is the reason why Congress decided to
do away with the Draft.

Elected officials approved US Troop deployment to Korea as a Police Keeping Action with no intention to win.

Elected Officials approved sending troops into Somalia and Beirut and to the four corners of the Earth on United
Nations Peace Keeping Missions. Today the American Voter has not raised a finger in outrage against the
President and every member in Congress who has approved U.S. troops intervention, being deployed to Haiti in
a combined UN Peace Keeping Operation.

This is no different than US Troops and UN Troops being permitted to patrol the streets within our own borders.
Remember Hurricane Katrina? Where US Military, and private Government Contractors patrolled the streets,
breaking into homes seizing innocent Americans firearms against their will? (Blackwater AKA XE ) and other
unconstitutional actions.  
This week, here in the Mid Atlantic region, News has reported National Guardare out working with the local
police. The National Guards original purpose and how they were originally intended to operate, this would be
fine, private citizens, helping private citizens.
However, this is not the case today. With the Military Commission Act, (though portions in the new version were
stricken out. it is still a guide for future unconstitutional legislation). In New Orleans the National Guard was
incorporated in with the Federal Government giving too much control of states resources, where the President
would had control of the National Guard over their commander and Chief, their States Governor.

All this begun with the National Security Act of 1947
When Americans Citizens are faced with the President calling on military, and UN Forces as  an Emergency
Peace Keeping Operation, within our borders. What will the argument be from American voters?  

When American Voters are demanded by the state and Federal Government that Police and Military will be
conducting illegal entry into their homes and to search for Weapons, and confiscate firearms from law abiding
citizens as they done in New Orleans, how will the American voter respond? Waiting for months in a Legal Battle
in Federal Courts on questioning their government of Unconstitutional actions?
Will individuals decide in unison groups stand their ground and fire upon those doing this action in protest? And
in a hail of munitions express their disinterest in the government raping their homes and their  denying them their
God Given right to privacy?  

This is a very complex yet very serious issue. We see how the bad borrowing practice government has
escalated, bringing America to the brink of an economic war.

Thomas Jefferson once stated: “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so
strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains”.
I see Mr. Jefferson was right. Merchants would rather destroy the Constitution over preserving it.
I will also give another warning. American voters should not decide to vote for someone solely on that persons’
background in business. It risks having a fox guard the hen house, when it is related to the Constitution
interpreting it as it authors. Supporting and defending it from its enemy’s some being bankers, merchants who
are within our very border. And, some elected officials having immoral virtues, not upholding their oath.   

I am not suggesting all business owners are like this. No more than I am saying that all lawyers are crooks.  Tax
professionals are Anti American. Or all elected officials are immoral. There’s good and evil in every sector of our
lives. Immorality and Righteousness holds no prejudices to Race, Creed Religion, or even a person’s profession  

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