I have said throughout this campaign the seat in the US House of Representatives is the peoples seat.

I have also said this campaign is not about me . It is all about restoring America back to its rightful owners.The people

I have run my campaign solely on individual voters making their financial contributions to the campaign

Our financial records has yet to reach one thousand five hundred dollars. Yet you  have made it possible for the word to get out to voters with
such a small amount of money available from the very start.

You are the true Grass Roots Movement! and deserve to be recognized as such!

It has been a long hard battle since I first announced I would seek to be the people of Delaware's voice in US Congress. and all the progress
has been from the support of those who hold precious the values of Supporting and Defending our Constitution from its enemies..

We are 40 days away from the Elections.

Currently, Earl Lofland for Congress has twenty five dollars in its bank account this must be used to  pay for cell phones charges that have
been incurred (several hundreds of dollars) gas and transportation fees. Literature and other materials  needed to keep this campaign going
for another 40 days.

Unfortunately,unless the Campaign continues receiving financial support from individuals like you, the phone service will be discontinued.
impacting our campaigns communications dramatically.

We will be forced to cancel all future scheduled meetings as well making it more difficult for voters to learn about what I plan to achieve for
Delawareans when seated in the US House.

Voters will decide who is best representing their voice in November. and throughout this campaign I have been fighting for Delawareans Rights
of Assembly and free speech from day one of my campaign When Delaware's General Assembly and Governor Markell passed a bill that was
decided Unconstitutional.

Yet there are many Delawareans who have yet to learn of my campaign, or what I plan to do when elected.
Your help is badly needed. Now, more than anytime during this battle against the candidates who havee over 1000 times the amount of
Federal Reserve Notes in their campaign warchest..
By donating to Earl Lofland For Congress  will take us on to November

You can Mail a Check or Money Order to Earl Lofland for Congress
31 Pom Run Drive P.O. Box 272
Clayton DE 19938
Or you can make a donation securely online using our Campaign Donation site


Earl Lofland
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