I want to express the footage is a states rights issue. And, should be left up to the state of Virginia's Legislature,
and not  the US Government. Who has no authority over investigating any ethical issues related to any matters of a
 states office..

The disturbing part in this video is not whether Mr. Shannon did or did not answer the question asked by the other
candidate. It wasn't disturbing, he didn't name each of the divisions of the AG office. Nor their roles. Yes, the AG  
should know the different divisions, In his duties to oversee the performance of crimes an other legal issues within
each of the divisions that he exampled. Yes, the divisions are important to know. He is being elected to oversee the
performance of the Deputy AG's  their staff members and each of the divisions.

It isn't really important the person who video taped him after the debate tried to give him an opportunity to save
himself with answering the question he avoided.

What I found the most disturbing and the most important warning sign on how he will perform his duties as an
Attorney General:

The conduct. Mr Shannon and his staff members, who demanded answers from someone seeking logical answers
during a meet and greet with candidates and to listen to this debate. Someone who was an investigative
video-grapher was  treated with such high level of arrogance by Mr Shannon and his staff. To the point of turning
his back on the person and completely ignoring the voter all together along with the refusing to answer the
question. Who Mr Shannon knew was videotaping his actions. Also the actions of his staff member being borderline
physically offensive. This shows me a big warning sign. There is a risk for potential  problems in the future of this
AG and his staff.  He is  being considered to ensure preservation of professional conduct and the duties in the AG
Office are all in  accordance to the Law. Also that he and his staff, including the Deputy AGs will not violate the
Cannons of the ABA Rules as well as uphold their Professional Responsibilities including the AG himself .
And be forthcoming with investigations against anyone who violates the laws and their professional repsonsibilties.

When ever there is a violation of "good behavior" as the U.S Constitution lays out for the removal of all civil Officers
according to Art II Sec 4 : Would Mr Shannon and his staff perform their obligations? in obeying their oath or would
their be a bias oversight answered by  the persons party affiliation?

All civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of,
Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanor
-Article 2, Section 4

Article 3, Section 1:
The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour".
The Candidate-Mr Shannon, if he were elected as AG, the AG's office could have a high risk of problems related to
how ethical questions against the AGs office would be answered.
Would there be Staff who would:

1 Sidestep and avoid the issue? Ignoring the Attorney Generals office is a body of government that acts as  
vanguard? -protecting the people of the CW of Virginia and their rights?

2 Will he have individuals on his staff uphold their oath of office?
To ensure when he, or someone in the AG office is caught doing anything unethical or violates the law ,that all
attorneys must follow. Including criminal activities anyone in the AG office may charged with doing.

3 Would there be someone attempting to block the actions of the people of Virginia from having proper
representation from the AG Office according to the letter of the Law?

This is why I decided to run for US Congress. Here are some issues that should not be ignored and those who vote
should be demanding answers from those who they will select as their representative in government.

Good Behavior of Judges and All Civil Officers: Will this be something  the candidate will be preserving? (Art. II
section 4) And, will the member elected in Congress be diligent in preserving Art III section 1?

I will not be biased on this analysis

The other candidate was equally to blame for what could be viewed as refusal to answer the question that was
asked. Did he eventually answer the question? I don't know. Yet, the fact still remains, that the important issue is
whether or not either candidate would be willing to accept responsibility in upholding their duties of answering to the
people they are seeking to protect as the next Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia

This is one of the many problems  I see that is rampant in our nation. We have elected officials who have unethical
lifestyles. The two main parties also select individuals who, like themselves. Have a history of "bad behavior" within
its very core.

Americans all over the United States have grown tired of this. And demand it to end.

I have made it my commitment- this will be part of my agenda when I am elected to represent the State of Delaware
in Washington DC. Among other issues. Yet It will take everyone all over the United States to elect others who will
have the same virtues as myself. To work together in  returning this nation to what was originally intended by the
framers of this Nation.

I can not do it alone! It will take every person who votes in every state to select people who will do what they
Earl Lofland for US Congress Delaware 2010