Everyone who watched the New Years Day Parades today, There was a group who participated in the
Parade From Ft Hood, Army Base, in Killens TX. Just 175 Miles North west of Houston.

Fort Hood has etched a deep embeded wound in our country's defense against radical islamic attacks
and advancing to destory our Constitutional constructed government. With Major Nidal  Hasan a Radical
Islamic Terrorist attacking and killing 13 US Soldiers at Ft Hood draws a more detailed look into just how
weakened our mitiary has become in protecting the Constitution.

Not the the American People, but the Constitution.

The military was never mustered to protect or be a police for citizens. This was never originally intended
by the founders of our Country,  Instead they determined security of the people best be left up for
American Citizens to do.  Recognizing our Creatoor provided us with certain rights reflecting individuals
responsibility and duty of self preservation, security of their own Life Liberty and Property.

As people have listened to reports about the "would be bomber", who was thwarted by a passenger on
the flight, It was also reported that he was in Yemen illegally. Yet there is more Americans should realize.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attended an intensive, Islamic education seminar in Houston last year.
Just 175 Miles from Ft Hood.

Does this have any connection with the attack at Ft Hood by Major Hasan?

Abdulmutallab also was carrying a valid Nigerian passport, and had a valid U.S. visa that was not revoked
by the Department of Homeland Security. Even after his father had notified the U.S. Embassy of his
Extremist Ideology Weeks in advance to the attack.according to Josh Meyer with the
LA TImes

Abdulmutallab was also denied a visa to study in Britain after the college was determined to be bogus.

The  Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where he boarded the flight has a reputation as one of the most
secure in the world.  Passengers are screened as they pass through customs. And, at the gate.  Each
passenger, is interviewed by Security agents who are looking for suspicious behavior.

I bring all this up as evidence U.S. Military heads, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcment
agencies have been aware of the Radical Islam insurgent risks for years

2002 John Allen Muhammad, AKA The Beltway sniper a Radical Islmic terrorist. He was in in the
National Guards from 1978-1985. He was in the Gulf War. and Discharged as a Sgt. in the US Army.

This week, We heard of the
CIA Base Bombing in Afghanistan by a Radical Terrorist. The worst against
US intelligence officials since the US embassy in
Beirut bombing in 1983, The Taliban admited the
bomber was one of theirs.

CIA agents were recruiting the man as a potential informant.

This was done by someone who was invited onto the base, Wearing a Army uniform possibly as an
informant. according to the new releases. Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid for the Taliban told the
when he managed to breach security at the base, detonating the explosives belt in the gym.

So, Who was the person who recommended this person as a possible informant? And assigned him an
Army Uniform? And was the bombers sponsor of the Islamic Faith?

Try to get into any Federal Building. You will not get past the lobby without at very least going through a
Medal Detector and your items X-Rayed. Try to enter any  Military Instillation. I assure you if you are just
a visitor without creditials. You and your vehicle and all belongings will be searched for weapons.

Ever hear of the
Holy Land Foundation Trial? Where do you think it took place?

May 27, 2009 Dallas, TX.

The probe into HLF began in
1993 during the Mid 1980's and into the Bush Years the HLF began to
U.S. authorities  were notifited of their actions 15 years ago, when an Illinois man detained in Israel told
his interrogators that the largest American Muslim charity was really a front for Palestinian terrorists.

Former Washington Post foreign correspondent now author and terrorism expert Douglas Farah stated
the "trial provides an invaluable forum for publicly showing the true agenda of the international Muslim
Brotherhood and its organizations in the United States – the abolition of the United States government as
we know it and support for a designated terrorist organization."
Their Objective is to Deminish the Rights of the people of our country, protected by the Constitution and
set up a government that is founded on Shaira Law.
Over 100  named Un-indicted co-conspirators all working in some capacity for Front groups for the
Muslim Brotherhood. ( Rome, Georgia-based imam, Mohammed Shorbagi, Sayyid Syeed, former
Secretary General of ISNA, and current National Director of its Office of Interfaith Relations Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA))

Five men were convicted on 108 charges that they funneled more than $12 million to the Palestinian
group Hamas ( By the way, This is the Same Hamas that Obama and Mr Mitchell John Kerry, Jimmy
Carter and Hillary Clinton has been wanting to negotiate with..

Something else the Main Stream Media neglected to put out on the National Syndicate:

The United States Consulate, three years ago auctioned a file cabinet with secret documents to a woman
from a Jerusalem suburb who bought file cabinets for NIS 166 ($42) plus tax at a
U.S. Consulate auction

Documents left in the a file cabinet auctioned by  United States Consulate in Israel revealed a mammoth
American effort for an overseas tour of Likud and Fatah youth leaders. Dating back to the Clinton
Administrtion (1997-1998) the Fatah-led Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigades terrorist group carried out a series of
suicide bombings in Jerusalem as well..
In the Files were Marines Social Securty Numbers, as well as other reports on marines who were
stationed in Israel. Including a report on a Marine who was dating an woman in the Isreal Defense Forces.

Also  the Documents revealed in July 1998 the U.S. Government provided two weeks in Washington,
Chicago and New York, including a visit to the home of then-Congressmen Bill Black, where the Fatah
Youth Leaders joined Bill Black watching  the World Cup matches. They also visited the White House, the
Holocaust Museum, and the Arab-American Institute lobby group.

Another document in the file cabinet revealed the American government's attitude. towards the Isreali
oppostion. ( If Americans had known of this What would they say?)
"We don't think this story has any leg," according to a memo written to the USIS.

Something else also took place in 1997Musa Abu Marzuk was
deported to Syria.

Marzouq was interviewed  in Damascus on Jan, 13, 2009

Senator  Kerry, Congressman Keith  Ellison and others took a trip to the Middle East the week of Feb. 22
Kerry Went to Syria.

Also that week the U.S.s to Pledge $900 Million to Gaza This was to go to Palestinan Authority and
humanitarian aid needed as a result of Operation Cast Lead. This is evidence that we have individuals in
the U.S Goverment who are aligned with a plot of destructive measures against the Constituiton they
swore an oath to Protect and Defedn.
Also that week. officials of the European Union officials expressed their  support of joint Fatah-Hamas
control of the Palestinian Authority (Gaza). Karel Schwarzenberg made statements In Jan of 2009, saying,
“We believe that Palestinian reconciliation behind president Mahmoud Abbas is fundamental to
progress.” Another senior official who has promoted Fatah-Hamas reunification is British Foreign
Secretary David Miliband. “The reunification of the Palestinian people with a single voice to speak for
them, to speak for the West Bank and for Gaza is absolutely essential,” Miliband said following the Cast
Lead Operation in Gaza.

Then in
March of 2009 Jimmy Carter met with the head of the Islamist terrorist group Hamas. against the
advise of 50 congressmen from both sides of the aisle not to meet with Khaled Meshal, the head of the
Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, Now it is important to reflect back Marzouq

In January 2009 President Obama appointed George Mitchell, and sent him to the Middle East on a fact-
finding mission.  and  "to bring peace to the region," Jimmy Carter said he was pleased with Obama’s
choice. “I talked to [Mitchell] twice since he was chosen. I am thankful that he was chosen. I think he is the
best possible American that could be chosen,”
Most Israeli officials refused to meet Carter during his visit to the Jewish state, furious over his defiance of
State Department policy, meeting with a terror organization responsible for hundreds of Israeli deaths,  
and by his arrogant  insistence  Israel should talk to Hamas. In 2006 Jimmy Carter  wrote a
expressing a comparisons of Israeli policy with South African apartheid

Harvard Law Professor
Alan Dershowitz wrote that Carter's book "is so filled with simple mistakes of fact
and deliberate omissions that were it a brief filed in a court of law, it would be struck and its author
sanctioned for misleading the court."

It should also be noticed that Jimmy Carter has
received millions of  dollars from Arabs for his help in
demonizing Israel and Jews.

Jimmy Carter claims that the fact that his grandson is now running for office in their home state of
Georgia has nothing to do with his apology.